Die Antwoord: South Africa’s rap-rave comedy crossover


Move over Flight of the Conchords, there’s a new comedy musical troupe in town. Where Brett and Jemaine used their New Zealand accents as a basis for misheard interpretation gags, South African trio Die Antwoord go the whole indecipherable hog and make impenetrable African hip-hop filled with colloquial slang that manages to be funny and confusing at the same time. If Ali G was from Cape Town, he’d be in their gang.

Die Antwoord are made up of “zef rap-rave monster” Ninja (zef meaning common or white trash), shrill-voiced “fresh futuristik rich bitch” Yo-landa Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek. They first came to attention a few weeks ago when their odd music videos popped up on various pop culture websites. When we say odd we mean like Enter The Ninja which mixes the boom-bap of hip-hop with euphoric Euro synths with a screeching chorus from Yo-Landa or the ’90s rave-rap of ‘Beat Boy’.

Despite their comedy stylings and dubious origins, just like Ali G they actually managed to fool plenty of people into thinking they were the real-deal white-trash rap pack of Cape Town. Their impressive website will no doubt be where the trio attempt to capitalise on their viral meme status when they release a free downloadable album soon.

Back in the real world of music for a minute. An ambituous and generous project from Swedish band I’m From Barcelona sees the band release a free download album with one song per day from each member over January and February from their website. One song from each member mightn’t sound like much if this was a regular band but I’m From Barcelona count 27 members in their midst so that’s 27 free songs. For fans of physical product, they are offering a vinyl purchase so it’s a win-win especially as the songs are good too.

Going back to WTF-land once more, this is an odd one. Former English football eh, star Dion Dublin has made a musical instrument. It’s called The Dube and is a unique percussive instrument which will be available in four sizes and customised by colour schemes and tones. There are no pictures at all but you can sign up at thedube.com for details when they become available.


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  1. Anonymous

    12/24/2010, 10:31 pm

    lol who fucking wrote this? Niall Byrne? you’re a dumbass. would a rap-rave comedy play at coachella? you’re completely delusional, please do the world a favour and delete this article


    04/02/2011, 01:27 pm

    понравился только один клип а так група полностью отстой

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