Filmed in Ireland

Ireland’s diverse landscape has attracted many film and TV producers over the years, with an increasing number of shows and movies being filmed all over Ireland.

Game of Thrones

Much of the Westeros we know from this iconic TV show was filmed in Northern Ireland’s most beautiful areas, with a little help from CGI.

* Winterfell – Castle Ward
* Pyke – Ballintoy Harbour
* Riverrun – Quoile River
* Melisandre’s Shadow Baby Cave – Cushendun Caves
* Haunted Forest – Tollymore Forest Park
* Dragonstone – Mussenden Temple
* The King’s Road – The DarK Hedges
* Dothraki Grasslands – Shillanavogy Valley


The vikings in this cult TV show may not have reached Ireland yet, but the majority of the show is shot on the Emerald isle. County Wicklow is the most frequently used area for filming battle scenes and mountain trails, depicting Norway, France or England. The town of Kattegat is actually located on the banks of Lough Tay, while longboat scenes were shot on Lough Dan and Blessington Lake.

Harry Potter

The Cliffs of MoherThe Cliffs of Moher were seen in the sixth movie as Harry and Dumbledore head to the cave they suspect Voldemort’s Horcrux to be. You also see them standing on Lemon rock in County Kerry.


This classic Scottish movie was in fact largely filmed in Ireland. The majority of the battle scenes were filmed mostly in county Wicklow. The London scenes were actually filmed in Bective Abbey, County Meath and Edinburgh castle was portrayed by Dunsoghly Castle in County Dublin.

Saving Private Ryan

The iconic opening scene depicting the D-day landings was in fact filmed on Ballinesker Beach, Curracloe Strand, county Wexford. It took two months to film and 2,500 men from the Irish Defense Forces acted as extras.

The Princess Bride

This childhood epic features a stunning part of Ireland in one of the most memorable scenes in the movie. “The cliffs of Insanity” are actually the Cliffs of Moher, though scaling them in real life is not recommended!

Star Wars

The latest movie has scenes shot in County Cork, including Brow Head where Luke Skywalker has taken up residence.