The first thing you should do is send a short and sweet request email to the celebrity asking for an interview. The letter needs to clearly outline the purpose of the interview and why you’ve chosen that celebrity.

You may also consider limiting the questions which you ask or be specific regarding the amount of detail you would like to go into. This will only reduce the time they spend considering your proposal which will increase the chance of them accepting.

Remember that interview subjects or personalities are very happy to be involved in interviews since it helps improve their profile. But even though a celebrity wants to appear for an interJames_Nesbitt_July_2008view, they usually have busy schedules and this will make it difficult for them to set a date or time. This doesn’t mean they don’t want to be interviewed.

Always follow up on your email with a phone call to the celebrity or to their manager if you haven’t received a response within a week. Do not call right away as it may take a few days for them to have the time to get to your email.

When it comes to high-profile interviews, they are much harder to get than regular celebrity interviews. You might not even get a response from such celebrities. They get countless press requests and there are very few that are actually accepted.

The secret here is to always set your sights on a modest target. Try celebrities who have easy going identities and are more accessible instead of focusing on high profile celebrities right out of the box. Perhaps you could start out with local celebrities first?

Even though this may seem like quite a daunting task, you will soon realize that it is nothing more than a process which you will eventually become a professional.