How did Irish Music go Mainstream?

115067896_272c5e2bcf_zIt’s said that music runs through the veins of the Irish. If you’re wondering whether this is true or not, simply take to the streets and marvel at some of the best buskers in the world. Or, if the weather is bad, head for a pub. In Ireland, you don’t need to go far before hearing the strumming of a guitar, the manic melody of a fiddle or the tooting of pan pipes.

The world’s Best Street Music

Ireland’s vibrant and buzzing cities are home to hundreds of talented street performers. These range from down and outs playing for spare change, to semi professionals or even pro artists.

Grafton Street (Dublin) – A street popular with the tourists, it is renowned for excellent street performances. Weekends are the best time to hear some great music.
Galway – This small city seems to have buskers playing on every street corner. No wonder it’s known as the city of music!
Kilkenny – Music reverberates through this ancient medieval city.
Great Irish Music Pubs

After you’ve wandered the streets and enjoyed the rich cacophony of fiddles and pipes, you may be feeling thirsty. You’ll hear great live music in most Irish pubs, but here are some that really stand out.

Sin é (Cork) – A real locals’ pub, very olde world, with daily music.
The Corner House (Ardara) – Make yourself at home in this cosy, rustic pub. Traditional music can be enjoyed most nights.
The Cobblestone (Dublin) – Great craft beer and high quality music with gigs in the back room.
Reel Inn (Donegal Town) – A real drinking pub, with a fantastic crowd and something going on every night.
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