How did Irish Music go Mainstream?

It’s said that music runs through the veins of the Irish. If you’re wondering whether this is true or not, simply take to the streets and marvel at some of the best buskers in the world. Or, if the weather is bad, head for a pub. In Ireland, you don’t need to go far before hearing the strumming of a guitar, the manic melody of a fiddle or the tooting of pan pipes.

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Ireland’s vibrant and buzzing cities are home to hundreds of talented street performers. These range from down and outs playing for spare change, to semi professionals or even pro artists. So if you’re looking for a different soundtrack to your day, turn off the TV, stop playing casino Epoca online and get out of the house. Hit the streets and enjoy!

New Popularity of Irish Music

Many people think that classic Irish music has a certain magic to it and it is becoming increasingly popular in pop music as well. With artists from many different generes being inspired by this distinct Irish sound.

The most famous Irish band must, without a doubt, be U2. A band that has spent endless on tour for several decades championing global causes and much more. Even if they don’t have too much of a old Irish tunes, you can definitely hear where they are coming from if you know what to listen for. With hits such as “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” they are bound to keep searching.