How Entertainment Works

There are a number of different dimensions to entertainment. It could be personal or public. When playing with friends, it is considered a personal type of entertainment and when you are watching a movie at the cinema it is considered public entertainment. There are a few differences as far as the perception of public and private entertainment is concerned, though. This is largely due to the difference in personal experiences among people.

General public entertainment is usually less interactive and there is a basic contradiction here as every personal type of entertainment is more interactive while public forms of entertainment are private. The scenario changed quite a bit after TV program increased the participation of audiences but interaction patterns among entertainers and viewers in public entertainment always remained within boundaries and strict limits.

Entertainment takes people to an entirely different world and feeds their need for fantasy as well as an escape from the real world. This is mostly true for entertainment which is public or provided through entertainment and media. Films can transport us intdownload (29)o a fantasy world and grab our attention in a way that we stay engrossed in almost one part of the alternative reality. Entertainment can also be through magazines, gossip or celeb culture.

Entertainment may trigger the emotional involvement and also emotional reactions like happiness, anxiety, sorrow, fear, etc. There are no physical activities required here from the viewer. This is what attracts people to entertainment and it enables us to become active and passive at the same time. Entertainment will mean that films are influential, but still influence individuals subtly instead of aggressively and this subtle influence can work better on our mind as opposed to any other aggressive influence form.

At the end of the day, humans are rational beings and emotions do have a major role to play in our lives. They form the core of our existence since emotions draw us to things which might be irrational.