Ireland: The Land of Music

When it comes to Ireland, the first thing that people think of in terms of music is a lot of fiddles, whistles, flutes, concertinas, accordions and uilleann piles.

Ireland certainly has been able to maintain a grasp on the indigenous folk music from its past much better than other European countries. This is mainly because of their agricultural economy. Even though it has a vast heritage of folk music, it even boasts a number of modern values that promotes tradition. These are all important in the musical landscape of the city, which students might wish to explore.


This museum combines the usage of a sleek atmosphere and modern technology with a hands-on approach to conservation and the study of traditional folk music. A visit to this museum can guide people around Irish music and can also introduce them to various styles and sounds while weaving together historical, economic and political factors that are involved in the growth of Ireland’s music. Apart from this, museums reveal the history of Ceili and there’s a wooden dance floor too which uses projected dancers. You can even give folk dancing a shot here.

The Merry Ploughboy

Even though a lot of folk music sessions ardownload (27)e conducted locally in many pubs all over the city, learning about the traditional music of Ireland will never be complete without experiencing a live show like this one. Consider booking tickets for this event that is held in a small concert hall/pub hybrid. Both the show and the venue itself are great ways of introducing the traditional dance and song of the land.

You can find all kinds of great slot machines with an Irish theme that often not only provide Irish music but great graphics that will take you to Ireland so that you will believe you are there. Who knows you may even win some cash while enjoying Irish music on various slot machines at an ipad casino.

While in Ireland, you will have many fantastic opportunities to enjoy everything that Ireland has to offer in terms of music. Keep your eyes and your ears wide open to ensure you don’t miss out on any of these opportunities.