Sites of the Week: GIFs of popular rappers, Kitteh Roulette, The Internet sends me cake

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The Internet sends me cake
Send the site owner a hand-made cake (or a picture of a cake) and they’ll give you their assessment. “The more lobsided the better” apparently so keep it non-professional.

Kitteh Roulette
Need suggestions for where to get your next cute kitten video fix? This site is the Chat Roulette of kitty videos. Obviously.

GIFs of popular rappers
These US blinged-out rappers sure are animated.

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Band of Blogs: Blur, Crystal Castles, HEALTH, The National

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Blur free download
After the 1000 copies of Fool’s Day sold out on Record Store Day, Blur made the track available for free from their website.

Crystal Castles
The electro 8-bit shouty hoody boppers return with a new album soon (also called Crystal Castles infuriatingly) and new material has popped up on blogs like the abrasive Doe Deer and the dreamy electro of Celestica.

New HEALTH single
USA Boys is the new synth-infused song from American noise rockers HEALTH. It appears on their forthcoming remix album DISCO2 featuring remixes from Gold Panda, Javelin, Salem and Small Black.

The National – Afraid of Everyone
Having already debuted two great new tracks from High Violet in Bloodbuzz Ohio and Terrible Love, The National unleashed this brooding, poignant fear-riddled tune.

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Devo, the internet and you

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Last month at the music industry showcase to beat ‘em all South by Southwest in Austin Texas, legendary new wave band Devo appeared during the interactive part of the festival in a panel cheekily-entitled “Devo, the Internet and You”.

During the 90-minute talk, the band along with a label and advertising reps outlined their plans to penetrate every aspect of our tech-savvy pop culture over the next year. Of course, being Devo, everything was delivered with a healthy dose of japery. Rubbish Powerpoint slides, “colour studies” and live focus groups run by a Scandinavian ad man called Jacob with his tongue firmly in his cheek. There were venn diagrams, hilarious poll questions – “What color best describes vomit?”, cheeky infographics and use of bullshit bingo-friendly words like “synergy” featured heavily.

Amongst the laughs though, were some genuine ideas about how to market a band in modern times. “Why can’t you market a band like you would market Miller Lite?” Devo bass player Casale asked. The band known for their funny red hats (or “energy domes”) revealed they were thinking of changing the colour of the hats to blue as a recent experiment at a Winter Olympics gig suggested the audience preferred them.

Now, the band are putting their crowd-sourcing ideas into global practice beyond a conference room by announcing the Devo Song Study which launched at their website last week.

With the song study, the band and their label Warner Brothers aim “to collect data regarding which of our current roster of recorded material is most appealing to you, the general public.” In other words, the band have posted clips of 16 songs on the site and are asking fans to choose their favourite 12.

It’s the perfect time for an ’80s band such as Devo to take advantage of an uncertain music industry and the social merits of the internet. Their new songs like ‘Fresh’ and ‘Don’t Shoot! I’m a Man!’ sound pretty vital and this process of re-invention (sorry devolution), could see them gain new fans. Especially, if that fan has participated in the song study and feels involved in the outcome of the album, the title of which is also to be decided by a focus group of course.

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Videos of The Week: Cat takes a stand, Taiwan’s Susan Boyle, 8-Bit Pixels

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Taiwan’s Susan Boyle
Lin Yu Chun, known as “Little Fatty” has become the latest Youtube sensation (four million views in four days) after singing Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You on a Taiwanese talent show called Super Star Avenue.

Breathtaking short film by Patrick Jean in which pixellated 8-bit objects take over the world, starting with New York.

A cat takes a stand
Mesmerising clip of a French house cat standing up and staring out a window at the birds. Internet – you truly are a cat’s best friend.


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Sites of the Week: Etsy, Couch Surfing, Bitspace

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A huge site which helps people who make jewellery, art, clothing or homeware to sell unique items to lucky consumers like us. Great for a unique gift.

Couch Surfing in Dublin
Shibby is a 24-year old Longford lad who is spending six weeks couch surfing in Dublin. This blog details his experiences.

Store your music “in the cloud” from €4 per month, and use Bitspace’s slick full-featured player to play it from any computer or browser.

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