Crystal Swing


It’s the family whose internet success knows no bounds! The trio have captured the imagination of all as this video has spread through Twitter, blogs, Facebook and radio shows. So many unanswered questions but mainly: Is this for real?

Get on the Crystal Swing folks. Here’s ‘He Drinks Tequila’:

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Diet of Worms introduce new comedy webisodes

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Diet of Worms are five Dublin young comedic talents: Philippa Dunne, Amy Stephenson, Rory Connolly, Niall Gaffney and Shane Langan. They are known for their hosting of Puffincat Comedy Club in Dublin and the animated web series Adventures of the Puffincat.

They are back with a new web series called The Taste of Home which is set between 1987 and 1991 and focuses on the Walsh family. It kicked off last week and runs every Monday. Watch the first two episodes right here:

Part two after the jump.

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Music blogs bear the brunt of industry miscommunication


Google found itself at the centre of a lot of criticism when it shut down seven popular music blogs without warning last week. The blogs in question Pop Tarts Suck Toasted, I Rock Cleveland, Masala, To Die By Your Side, It’s a Rap, Ryan’s Smashing Life, and Living Ears had in some cases, up to five years of music writing dumped from Google’s Blogger servers without notification for alleged US copyright infringement.

Maddeningly, many of the offending MP3s in question on these blogs were actually approved by bands and record labels. Miscommunication between some tiers in the music industry led to legal reps for these labels issuing Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notices to Google despite the fact that marketing and PR wings of the same company had sent the bloggers the tracks in the first place. In one bizarre case, a DMCA notice requested that the band BLK JKS remove their own song from their official site.

To complicate things further, the correspondence the bloggers received from Google didn’t specify what songs were the cause of the infringement making it very difficult, as suggested by Google to file a counter-claim. If you don’t know what you did wrong exactly, how can you correct it? (more…)

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Sites of the Week: Colorillo, False Modesty, Hipsters have to pee

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It’s a collaborative global whiteboard that anyone can draw on! Somehow I think the existing pictures are fake as all I ever saw anybody do was scribble like a five-year old.

False Modesty
What a brilliant idea. Take some nude models from porn mags, add in some pasted cutout clothes from another publication and you’ve got a safe for work collection of photos!

Hipsters have to pee
Awkward stances and ultra-hip photos belie the fact that these people really need to pee. Like right now.

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Band of Blogs: Janelle Monae, Peggy Sue, The Cast of Cheers, Ali Love

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Janelle Monae and Big Boi
More people need to know about the singular talent of Janelle Monae who mixes soul, funk, R&B with her own distinct style. Hopefully, Tightrope featuring Big Boi of Outkast will help that cause.

Peggy Sue
Following in the tradition of English folk acts like Laura Marling and the under-rated Nancy Elizabeth, welcome this Brighton trio who release their album Fossils And Other Phantoms in April on Wichita. They play The Academy 2, Dublin on March 10th.

The Cast of Cheers
Dublin band The Cast of Cheers’ debut album Chariot is a stunning first missive of post-rock and post-punk which recalls at once Battles, Foals and Death From Above 1979. Best of all, it’s available now for free download.

Ali Love
Anyone crying out for a modern equivalent of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Relax might find their appetites somewhat sated by the disco-electro sound of the Londoner’s single Love Harder.

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Linkage: iTunes’ 25 most-downloaded songs

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iTunes’ 25 most-downloaded songs
With the world’s most popular digital music store fast approaching 10 billion downloads, Apple released the data on the most popular songs bought by iTunes customers. The list which is topped by Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling is almost exclusively made up of songs released in the last five years.
See the full list at Idolator.

My City vs Your City
Using Last.FM data, this site shows you the most popular artists in head-to-head between two global cities of your choice.
My City Vs Your City

“How do I login to Facebook?”
Proof if it were needed that there are plenty of stupid people on the internet. I’d wager these are the same people who leave the wealth of dumb Youtube comments.
Read about the RedWriteWeb Facebook confusion.

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