New Music Monday

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Behold Matt Morris. He’s Justin Timberlake’s protege. Well, as much as one can protect someone who’s older than you. In fact, he’s less of a protege, more the man who’s behind some of JT’s better tunes. Anyway, he too is an ex-Mouseketeer and JT’s first signing on his new record label.

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Win tickets to Neil Delamere


Day and Night have five pairs of tickets to giveaway to Neil Delamere’s live show at Vicar Street on February 13th. To enter the competition find the answer to the question below in this week’s magazine.

What singing policemen’s daughter is interviewed in this week’s Day & Night?

Once you have the answer, turn to page 15 for details on how to enter.

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Whose viral is it anyway?

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Last month, two mysterious high-budget video clips (see below) were sent to music sites like PopJustice and Gorilla Vs Bear and a viral campaign was born. From a Youtube user intriguingly called ‘iamamiwhoami’ the two clips of one minute length featured some synth-heavy electronica, images of arms jutting out of trees in a forest, an obscured blonde woman in a foetal position who then licks the sap of a tree, an owl and some frankly gross translucent egg laying.

No real clue was left about who the artist behind it is. As it was sent to music websites, we’re assuming it was music-related and various artist guesses have been thrown around. Comments reasoned it was The Knife or Fever Ray as the song certainly sounds like their brand of Scandanavian electronica and matches their weird visual aesthetic. Others plucked for Goldfrapp mainly because the clip features an owl which they’ve used in their artwork before and a new album is imminent. Those who have heard the first single Rocket and its ’80s glam sound will disagree however. A fake twitter account for iamamiwhoami hasn’t helped either.

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Why men can’t model in car ads & other links

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Why men can’t model in car ads
If you’ve ever seen a picture of a model standing in front of a car and asked yourself: “Why isn’t that model male?”, here is your obvious answer.

The life and death of a leak reporter
For two years, Alan Carton told the world via his Twitter account @diditleak when an album was leaked onto the internet until he died earlier this month. The Village Voice uncovers his story.

Irish Blog Awards nominations open
The Blog Awards are back. This time they are taking place in Galway and you can vote for your favourite blogs until the 5th of February.

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