Evolution of the hipster & other links

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“The project I am working on will be more successful than Twitter within a year.”
Hilarious email exchange between a designer proficient in chart/logo design and a client who has yet to pay up for a previous job.

Band name origins
Explaining the origins (or rumoured origins) of many popular band names, all housed under the one virtual roof. Faith No More are apparently named after a horse they saw listed in a racing form guide.

Evolution of the hipster
Paste Magazine charts the evolution of a guy and girl hipster throughout the decade in this photo feature.

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Band of Blogs: Freelance Whales, Hurts, Best Coast, BBC Sound of 2010

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Freelance Whales
Imagine a banjo-led, Mogwai-influenced band with a singer who has a Sufjan Stevens-esque timbre and you’re almost there. The New York band’s debut Weather Vanes was quietly released in August but has been gathering pace ever since.

A UK electro-pop duo who hark back to the ’80s unconditionally (including semi-dodgy sax solo) and have been championed by the likes of PopJustice. Wonderful Life is their debut single.


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Sites of the Week

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A directory of Irish-made mobile/iPhone apps made by Irish developers which also serves to show just how healthy mobile application development is in this country.

Let Them Sing it For You
A Swedish interactive site which allows you to convert any text into a sound file where the clips are pieced together from words sung in popular songs.

The F**king Weather
We Irish frequently like to talk about the weather in coloured language. Now, here’s a website that give you the f**king forecast in the same vein.

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Goin’ Back to My Roots

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Sad news, pop fans. Miley Cyrus is hanging up her weave. The Party in the USA is cancelled. FOREVER.

In a recent interview with GMTV, Miles stated:

“I want to do my last pop record, I’m working on a record right now. I kinda want this to be my last record for a little while and be able to take a break and just get all the types of music that I really love…you know my favorite styles. And be able to have something edgier and not have to worry about people saying, “Oh, this isn’t what her fans want to listen to.”

For Miley to give up pop would be literally A Very Bad Thing.

However, this is not unprecedented. She just needs to take an album out to make some sub-standard indie with slightly poppy choruses, realise that in fact, she would rather be making amazing pop songs, and then go back to what she was doing in the first place, albeit with a more realistic/ mature attitude. “Pull a Mark Owen”, effectively.

So, from -




to this


We’d obviously replace the ‘Take That’ bits with new Future Miley bits, but we can’t look into the future, so you’ll have to use your imagination, readers.

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Hangin’ on the Telephone.

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As Dannii Minogue’s career canters towards its terrifyingly Botox-ed climax this Saturday on X Factor, we here at the Day and Night pop blog thought we’d look back to simpler, happier times. Times when Dannii was an unconvincing blonde with Chola eyebrows, rather than the turbo-Wag she is now. Times when Dannii tried to establish herself as a credible Dance artist, worked with Xenomania and had a multi-million dollar deal with Warner Bros. Times when Dannii Minogue made literally the best video of her career.


Best Bits:
1. Proto-web-chat segments/ Dannii LIVING IN THE INTERNET
2. The internet looking like a disco.
3. Lyrics being acted out (0.30)
4. Some brilliant Green Screen action (2.20)
5. Dannii rocking out (2.40-3.00)
6. Sky fish (3.32-34)

Worst Bits:
1. Goldsfish not being properly looked after. Pets are not just props, Ms Minogue.

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Always Going to Be Another Mountain (Or Ladder)

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The song for the X Factor finals has been chosen. It’s Miley’s ‘The Climb’. We could make a comment about how this song represents the challenges the winning contestant will face in the Big Bad World- not least whether or not their friends will abandon them when they upgrade to flash everyday items (such as quilted loo roll, or Marks and Spencers milk)- or how it’s been chosen to target a far younger audience, ostracizing aul lads like Danyl and Ollie. But we won’t. What we do what to know, however, is what props they might use. Stacy’s too tall, so she’ll probably just mince around the stage (hopefully with flashing pictures of Baby Zac on a greenscreen in the background). Joe, however, has the world in his hand. He could ACTUALLY CLIMB SOMETHING.

Look at him, little thing, desperate to climb he is

So, what do you recommend Joe climbs? We’d suggest a ladder that goes up to a platform, on which a children’s choir is singing, but we’re democratic and open to suggestion.

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