Win tickets to Katherine Lynch at Vicar Street

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Day & Night is giving away five pairs of tickets to Katherine Lynch at Vicar St on Friday, December 11th 2009!

To be in with a chance to win tickets, just find the answer to the question below in today’s Day and Night magazine, then turn to page 15 for details on how to enter the competition:

Who is this week’s Q & A subject?

Happy entering!

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The Funniest musicians on Twitter


Not all musicians and singers on Twitter use the service just to plug their latest eye-scratching, ear burning album or gig. Some, like these folk below, just get on with making us laugh whether they mean to or not.

Who: Nick Cave (@nickcave)
Why?: A fake account set up by a knowledgeable fan who revels the dark brooding stereotype of the famous singer.
Sample Tweet: “Drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte and scribbling in my journal. What rhymes best with apothecary? Mortuary? Marionberry?”

Who: Weird Al Yankovic (@ALyankovic)
Why?: The original pop parodyist gets a new lease of life on Twitter posting funny links, pictures and random musings. The most common topics are his wife and celebrities.
Sample Tweet: “Didn’t see anybody famous sitting in First Class. If this plane crashes, I am TOTALLY getting the headline!”

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Videos of The Week: Vampire Weekend, Lady Gaga, Eoghan Kidney’s Playhouse & The Swell Segel


Vampire Weekend – Cousins
The New York indie quartet are back with this perky and fun-filled performance video set in an alleyway. Repeated views reveals plenty happening in the background.

Before Lady Gaga
Before she was a huge popstar, Stefani Germanotta used to perform original jazz compositions on piano. Check out a performance from four years ago.


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Linkage: “Why is that people always try to understand estimate my intelligents?!”

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The best Vinyl covers of 2009
In this digital age, there is still no equivalent for holding beautifully designed artwork in your hand, a feeling that this shortlist of the best 50 vinyl covers of 2009 celebrates.
Art Vinyl Nominations 2009

Google launches Operating System
Looking to take a slice of pie from Microsoft and Apple, Google last week gave the public a sneak peek into Chrome OS, which they say will start up in 7 seconds and forgoes hard drives for data stored on Google’s cloud servers on the web.
Google says PC will start in seven seconds or less

“Why is that people always try to understand estimate my intelligents?!”
Did R&B icon Mary J Blige really tweet that sentence? It appears she did.
The Twitter Status in Question

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Band of Blogs: Beach House, Le Galaxie, Blakroc & vintage rock ‘n’ roll

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New Beach House – Norway
The online hype is building for this Baltimore duo’s new album Teen Dream which comes out in 2010, thanks to this new dreamy track.
Listen at Nialler9

Vintage-style rock and roll is back
A slew of vintage-style rock and roll bands have popped up recently including last week’s pick The Sandwitches. New Orleans’ The Generationals and their track When They Fight, They Fight is the pick of the bunch thanks to its catchy chorus, Motown horns and girl-group harmonies.

Le Galaxie – Victory
Dublin cosmic synth purveyors launched their new single Victory on the same night as Thierry Henry handled the ball but don’t hold that against them. Le Galaxie are reaching for the stars.
Listen at

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Sites of the Week: Steakhouse or Gay Bar?

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Steakhouse or Gay Bar?
Following on from the admittedly difficult Cheese or Font, comes this similarly ambiguous game where you guess if establishments like Bull and Bear are the former or the latter.

If you’re finding your Twitter follows getting out of hand, Untweeps helps you remove the people who haven’t tweeted in 30 days or so.

Women with Moustaches
In honour of Movember, these true-life Mo Sistas really have it going on in the upper lip area. Movember raises awareness and funds for prostate cancer research and men’s health, you can chart my progress and donate here –

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Ke$ha – Your gratuitously dollar-friendly pop star

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“What I want to bring to the table is f*cking fun!”

Meet Ke$ha. She’s written for Miley and the Veronicas. She has very good hair. We would happily go for a dance with her, but would be fearful that she would want to make it into a ‘session’ and suddenly it would be Monday, and that’d be the weekend gone, readers. Just look at her behaviour in the ‘Tik Tok’ video. Disgraceful. Mind you, we enjoy how she’s wearing clothes that transition well from day to night. She must have picked up the latest issue of Grazia Or should that be Gra$ia? No. We’ve just checked, ‘Grazia’ was correct. (more…)

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Sarah Palin’s supporters go rogue


On November 20, 2009, Sarah Palin visited Columbus, OH as part of her book signing tour for “Going Rogue.” When her supporters were asked broad questions about why they why they thought she should be president, the responses were vague: She’s “real.” She’ll “stick up for America.”

If you thought Palin’s support had waned in any way, watch this video. Choice quote:

“We need to get the Polar Bears off the endangered list so that we can drill there..”

Oh dear..

(Via UnaMullally on Twitter)

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