The Beatles For Sale

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It was only September when the long-planned Beatles 09/09/09 release date brought us the remastered Beatles back catalogue and the Beatles Rock Band game.

Now comes the news that EMI and Apple Corp. Will release 30,000 limited edition Beatles Stereo USB apples in time for Christmas. Crafted in the shape of an apple with the 16 GB usb stick sticking out the top, the drive comes with 14 digitally remastered albums, album art, photos, liner notes and 13 mini-documentary films.
For audiophiles, the songs will be provided in lossless FLAC format as well as 320 Kbps MP3s. You can buy them from the official Beatles store from 7th of December. The full price of the apple-shaped drives are about €225.

That’s not the only Fab Four-related digital news though. In the US, a company called Bluebeat has been selling the entire Beatles discography on their site for download. Rightly enough, EMI sought an injunction to shut them down and here’s where it gets interesting.

Bluebeat, in their defence, claimed that they actually owned the copyright to the Beatles recordings they were selling thank you very much, saying that they used a technique called “psycho-acoustic simulation” to re-record new versions of the songs. (more…)

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Videos: Tesco takes over the world, Glenn Beck loses his mind again.

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Tesco takes over the world
“Tesco’s slogan changed overnight from Every little helps to We control every aspect of your life.” Armando Ianucci imagines a world where Tesco takes over the world and goes to war with Denmark. Hilarious.

“Get off my phone you little pinhead!”
This could nearly be a weekly feature with the frequency that US news presenter Glenn Beck loses his mind. This time, Beck acts like a complete spoiled baby when questioned about healthcare. That Beck has his own TV and radio show frightens me.

More videos after the break: (more…)

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What’s Inside a Cup of Coffee? & other interesting links


What’s Inside a Cup of Coffee?
Wired discovers the average cup of coffee contains a lot of scary looking ingredients.

From one Scot to another
US late-night talk show host Craig Ferguson interviews fellow countryman Ewan McGregor. The two get on like a house on fire in an entertaining interview.

Charles Manson — Lie: The Love and Terror Cult
Great blog post by music blog Aquarium Drunkard on the implications of listening to the grotesque madman and serial killer’s own music.

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Morons with Signs, Men’s Fashion blogs & a homegrown Irish movie

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Put This On
A men’s fashion blog about “dressing like a grownup”. The blog also produces a video web series, the first of which focuses on denim and features a pair of jeans you should wear for six months straight until “ripe”.

Morons with Signs
In 1922, H.L Mencken described the United States as a commonwealth of “morons”. Judging by this site, not much has changed.

Enemies The Movie
Enemies is a low-budget film being shot in Cork about two arch nemeses searching for an ancient relic on Earth. This type of film is clearly the result of easy to use and cheap special effects software. (more…)

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Band of Blogs: Kid Sister, lush dubstep and hot remixes

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Mark Lam remixes Nakatomi Towers
Dublin club DJ and producer Mark Lam takes on Cut Me Out, the recent Nialler9 favourite from Nakatomi Towers and turns it into a dancefloor filler.

Kid Sister — Right Hand Hi
Chicago’s Kid Sister has been hanging around music blogs for a few years now and has even had Kanye guest on early single Pro Nails. This month sees her finally release her A-Trak-produced debut album Ultraviolet and Right Hand Hi is the first single from it.

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Interesting interview with Rupert Murdoch

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In which the global media owner discusses a lot of interesting media topics with Sky News Australia namely:

  • His plans to paywall news websites under his command.
  • His plan to remove news sites from Google indexes
  • His belief that “fair use” is illegal and could be “barred altogether”
  • His view of online advertising revenue (in short: useless)
  • The “fair and balanced reporting” of Fox News

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Win tickets to Jamie Cullum at the Olympia

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English jazz performer Jamie Cullum is to play an intimate fully seated concert at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre on the 9th May 2010. You can be there! Day & Night is giving you the a chance to win a pair of tickets PLUS an overnight stay at The Westbury Hotel. The question you need to answer to enter this week is:

What restaurant is reviewed by Aingeala Flannery in this week’s edition of Day & Night?

Find the answer in today’s Day and Night (with Norah Jones on the cover), then turn to page 17 for details on how to enter.

This Christmas The Westbury Hotel has all the elements to provide a magical experience to be remembered. Tel +353 (0)1 679 1122.

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Shane Lee – Youtube superstar & other videos of the week

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Shane Lee — Youtube singer
It’s been a while since Digital featured a Youtube singing sensation but Mr. Lee is definitely that. Watch his cover of The Proclaimers’ 500 Miles and you get the impression that he a) can’t sing b) has no rhythm and c) works in a call centre.

See more from Shane Lee

Hip-Hop in a recession
The Daily Show’s Wyatt Cenac helps rapper Slim Thug downsize his posse. Choice quote: “Nowadays rappers go to the strip club just to eat”

American Football fail
Can you spot what’s wrong in this video clip? Hint: It’s not far off the American football equivalent of scoring an own goal or tackling your own player while he’s on a running streak. Wait, it’s exactly that. Try explaining this one to the coach afterwards.


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