Win Tickets to Cois Fharraige next weekend

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Cois Fharraige, Ireland’s premier music and water sports festival returns next weekend to Kilkee, Co.Clare where the likes of The Zutons, The Hold Steady, The Lightning Seeds, Doves, Jerry Fish, Laura Izibor, Newton Faulkner, Noah & The Whale, Stereo MC’s and The Blizzards will be playing. Day and Night is offering 4 lucky readers the chance to win a PAIR of tickets for the festival each.

To win, all you have to do is find the answer to this question which appears in this week’s Irish Independent Day and Night Magazine.

What restaurant is reviewed in this week’s Day & Night magazine?

HOW TO ENTER: Find the answer in the magazine (August 28th with Funny People on the front), then turn to page 19 for details on how to enter by text and phone. Good Luck!

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Band of Blogs – A new supergroup in town

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Them Crooked Vultures
A supergroup consisting of Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) and John Paul Jones (yep, of Led Zeppelin) is always going to feature some heavy riffage. After some surprise European live dates, expect an album to hit soon.

Is Scotch electro dude Grum the next chart-topping dance sensation? On the evidence of the song Heartbreak and its Lawnmower Man-inspired video we say, yes, it is.

Everything Everything
This four-piece based in Manchester are raising eyebrows with their strange synth indie-pop fronted by a singer that sounds like White Lies’ singer Harry McVeigh.

The Cyclogists
Even cycling enthusiasts are entitled to start a band, like this trio from Oz who meld lycra, modified bicycle parts as instruments and impromptu live performances into something quite unique.

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Videos of The Week

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High School Musical redux
What would the popular Disney franchise be like if it was turned into a suspense-filled thriller? Wonder no more..
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Flo Rida’s Low is inappropriate for kids
So please, do not record your child singing it innocently and then upload it to Youtube. Here’s five reasons why. OK, they’re pretty cute but still, it’s not right for a three-year old to sing “gave her booty a smack”.
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Pocket TV web shows
Digital has been quite enjoying Pocket TV, the music web show which features Face Invaders, a segment where presenter Matt Edmonson gets up close (real close) to interview artists like Peter Andre, The Veronicas and Basshunter.

Here’s a sample:

Amazing Scratch Perverts music video
When is watching a turntablist not boring? When it has heads that scratch instead of records thats when.

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Sites of the Week

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Stuff on My Cat
Seeing as the internet has seemingly adopted the domestic cat as its official animal mascot, here’s another website which features pictures of cats in all possible states of cuteness.

A superb site which serves as an online graphical dictionary. Put in a word and see its meanings and associations.

Follow the progress of a team of game developers as they build a platform puzzle game for Dare to be Digital – a games competition for colleges and universities.

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Play your part

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Interactivity is the name of the game this week as Digital looks at sites which require input from general public.

An impressively ambitious project called Playhouse has been launched as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival. The Liberty Hall building on the quays of Dublin’s city centre will be home to 100,000 low-energy LED lights covering 330 windows on two sides of Dublin’s tallest building and what they display is entirely up to you.

The project website – allows anyone to submit animations for inclusion in the project when it goes live officially from September 24 to October 11, using a small downloadable bit of software, imported images or video and your imagination. A word of warning to potential pranksters, each animation will be checked to ensure the type of crass content usually found on the back of school copybooks doesn’t appear on the Dublin skyline.

If you’re a horror movie buff whose always wanted to get involved in the filmmaking business but have no discerning movie talent, The Indywood Project offers you the chance to do so by becoming one of 2500 producers for the B-movie Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead. By splashing out from £20 and up, you can help fund the production and pre-order a copy of the finished film on DVD or Blu-Ray. Depending on how much you pay, your money also entitles you to a small speaking part, your photo appearing in the film or a share of the potential profits.

Take that concept and apply it to music and you get Sellaband – a site that enables fans to donate towards an artist’s album recording fund and share in the potential profits of the album if it is successful. If you’re interested in the concept though make sure you look around as this niche market is packed with sites of a similar ilk like and You may find an artist worthy of your finances and support.

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Win tickets to Electric Picnic!


With Electric Picnic now only a week away and tickets being snapped up quickly, it’s decision time. You can always enter the Day and Night competition to win a pair of weekend tickets that will entitle you to see Brian Wilson, Orbital, MGMT, Flaming Lips, Major Lazer, Basement Jaxx, Fleet Foxes, Chic and many many more as outlined on this poster.

To win, all you have to do is find the answer to this question which appears in this week’s Irish Independent.

What gig is reviewed in this week’s Day & Night magazine?

HOW TO ENTER: Find the answer in the magazine (August 28th with Funny People on the front), then turn to page 15 for details on how to enter by text and phone. Good Luck!

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Sites of the Week

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In B Flat
An impressive collaborative music project which uses 20 Youtube videos to create an in-tune soundtrack which can be mixed and played on the fly.

Snacks and Shit
Cataloging downright nonsensical rap lyrics for your pleasure. “I exchange V-cards with the retards,” says Lil Wayne disproving his renowned rap status in one fell swoop.

Concerns itself with Facebook updates of the embarrassing, dumb, hilarious and cringe-worthy variety.

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Label of love wins out

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Digital looks at two bloggers who took very different approaches to starting a record label.

“Who is Sliimy?” was a phrase bandied about by many music celebs like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Britney Spears on Twitter last month and within hours most of their followers (and intended audience) found out whether they wanted to or not. Sliimy turned out to be the first signing to celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton’s major label-backed record label Perezcious ( like “precious” but harder to pronounce), a French Mika-esque pop star with funny hair who releases an album in September.

Perez had enlisted the help of his celebrity friends to promote Sliimy to the masses. Perez may not be as groundbreaking as he intends to look though. Sliimy is already signed to Warner in France so Perez’s endorsement is merely an attempt to help Sliimy break into the U.S. Market.
While Perez has the pop culture platform for endorsing artists through tours and labels, on the other end of the scale, most are still relying on word of mouth and blogger recommendations to help them get where they want to go.

You couldn’t get more of a polar opposite to Perez than Neon Gold Records. The “boutique” New York-based label started by two New York college kids Lizzy and Derek began life as a blog in August last year with the express aim of releasing 7-inches of artists they were excited about. They used the music blog as their mouth-piece for getting the acts noticed and then would release 500 copies of each release, creating a hip label that majors now look to for upcoming acts.

Their indie-buzz acts have gone on to secure major label deals as the two became known as online tastemakers. Their first release was Passion Pit’s Sleepyhead – a band now signed to Sony, followed by the wonderful Marina and the Diamonds – now signed to Warner and playing Electric Picnic next week.

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