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Movie viral campaigns
Total Film looks at the best and worst online movie buzz. The Best? The Blair Witch Project. The Worst? Read on..

Film Family Portraits
Eerie-looking penciled drawings of famous film familys from the Torrances (The Shining) to the Lundegaards (Fargo).

Internet citizens you’ve gone too far. Please see exhibit A – a gallery of people wearing hats of meat..

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Videos of The Week: The cutest video ever?

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Five year old plays Folsom Prison Blues
The new contender for cutest video of 2009. Five year old Wesley plays guitar and sings the Johnny Cash classic at a coffee shop in Seattle.

Alice in Wonderland trailer
The trailer for Tim Burton’s upcoming Walt Disney remake has been released and it looks to have struck a fine balance between the Burton and Disney universes. Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway star.


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Sites of the Week

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A tumblr blog which posts weird and wonderful finds from the world of amateur web animations.

Tee Shirt Blog
Looking for some inspirational new tees? The French-based Tee Shirt Blog does what it says in the title – showcasing the most unique t-shirts around.

Still Tasty
Need to find out whether that cooked chicken is out of date or whether Wednesday’s leftovers are safe to eat? Still Tasty will tell you the shelf-life of any food and offer you tips on how to make it last.

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Band of Blogs: Yo La Tengo, Major Lazer, Jessie Love Action


New Yo La Tengo
The effervescent New Jersey trio have revealed the first track from their upcoming album Popular Songs and it’s an orchestral-assisted doozy.

Major Lazer Essential Mix
DJs Diplo and Switch bring their newest project to Radio One for two-hour back to back radio mix which reveals the dancehall and electro roots of their summer-soundtracking album Guns Don’t Kill People Lazers Do.

Spod’s Exercise tape
Aussie musician Spod isn’t waiting for Nike to ask him to pen a jogging mixtape. Fantasyze is a musical podcast tailor made to Spod’s unique workout plan. He tells you when to walk, run and gives you odd encouragement along the way.

Love Action Weekly Mixes
When not playing with Dublin’s chic almost all-girl band Taluluh Does The Hula, Jessie Love Action puts her energy into a blog updated with a new DJ mix every Friday.

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Bands mean business

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If you’re an independent band trying to bring yourselves to a wider audience, hoping to organise your band’s affairs better or attempting to collaborate with other musicians, there’s a host of great websites and services out there for your needs.

Behind every good band is a good manager but many bands have to book their own gigs, make their own t-shirts and balance their own books. has just launched to help musicians do that and then some. It offers facilities to manage tours, merchandising, finances, tour accommodation, contact lists, recording time, import show data from Myspace and loads more. Bandize is aimed at bands who need to organise themselves better and at roughly €10 a month, it’s a bargain. A 30 free day-trial is available also for those unsure. (more…)

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Keyboard Cat – From meme to apparel

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Keyboard Cat T-shirt
This year’s crazy internet meme gets its own ridiculous t-shirt. LOLCATS!

Carry a baby picture?
Useful tip – Researchers have found a lost wallet with a baby picture in it has a return rate of 88%.

Ten sites to help you navigate music online
CNN pick their top ten music streaming sites, subscriptions services and social music websites.

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Kemp Folds, Threadcakes and “emails from an asshole”

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Kemp Folds
Is there anything more random than a blog dedicated to comical folded pictures of TV actor Ross Kemp?

Combining a love of the popular t-shirt site with a love of cakes we get this cake-baking contest based on the first site’s t-shirt designs. The internet is weird.

Don’t Even Reply
With the tagline “Emails from an asshole” you know this blog is going to be confrontational. The author sends messages to people who have posted classified ads with the precise aim of wrecking their heads.

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