Band of Blogs: Muse = Queen?


Muse = Queen?
Muse have made the next logical step from their epic bombastic rock to Queen-style OTT ballads if the ridiculously-titled United States Of Eurasia Parts 1-6 from their new album is an indication..

The Horrors remix Memory Cassette
It’s been a good week for the former panto-goth rockers. A Mercury nomination for the excellent album Primary Colours and this uncharacteristic spacey dance remix for good measure.

New Beastie Boys track
On the same day that the Beasties’ Adam Yauch announced he will undergo cancer treatment, Too Many Rappers from the forthcoming Hot Sauce Committee Pt.1 with Nas as a guest appeared. Still as good as ever.

Jay-Z with Kanye and Rihanna
The Hova’s upcoming Blueprint 3 album has started to leak material – this time by The Roots’ talisman Questlove via Twitter. ‘Run This Town’ is as pop as Jay-Z gets.

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Aslan’s illegal downloading minefield


Aslan raised a few savvy eyebrows last week when they claimed that 25,000 people had downloaded their new covers album Uncase’d through Bittorrent sites in the six weeks since release through their label EMI.

As outlined in a press release, the band had discovered that Uncase’d had performed poorly against their previous albums and after some quick searches on the web, deduced that this is all down to people downloading the album through Bittorrent sites.

Billy McGuinness of Aslan appeared on Pat Kenny and Phantom FM last week to talk about the situation and claimed that as a result of this, along with the the decline of live music and album sales have left the band needing to reassess their future.

What if McGuinness was genuinely mistaken though? Establishing true facts and figures from illegal download sites is a particularly hard thing to quantify at the best of times and it’s easy to get wrong so how did they arrive at such a large number? (more…)

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Linkage: 31 examples of terrible art

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31 examples of terrible art
We know people will do weird things to show their love for celebrities but these waxworks are possibly the worst looking appreciations ever..

Celebs upside down
Using your imagination to find faces in everyday objects could be a fun sport..

“Put in a black guy..”
11 Photos where black people were awkwardly photoshopped in or out..

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Band of Blogs: Atlas Sound, Thom Yorke, Son Green, Rory Grubb

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Atlas Sound and Panda Bear
Bradford Cox (of Deerhunter) and Noah Lennox (of Animal Collective) collaborated on this blissfully sounding track which is built upon an organ sample from What Am I Going to Do by the Dovers.
Listen at Stereogum

Thom Yorke new track
The Radiohead frontman’s cover of Miracle Legion’s All For The Best from a tribute album appeared on the net last week and the music blogs went a bit mental for it.
Listen at Stereogum

Son Green
The Redneck Manifesto’s Matty tries his hand at the electro solo thing with very pleasing results.
Listen @ Nialler9

Rory Grubb
This young Clareman has just released his debut album Sketches from The Big Sleep, an excellent collection of Nick Drake-esque acoustic arrangements shot through with some rich orchestral touches.

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Videos of The Week

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DMC MUZU Channel
Truly brilliant channel on MUZU.TV which features hours of the DMC World DJ Championships down through the years. Most impressive is a 15-year old A-Trak on the way to his win in 1997.


Grizzly Bear on Letterman
Another stunning TV turn for the Brooklyn band who released our album of the year so far in Veckatimest. This version is bolstered by a string quartet.


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Sites of the Week: Sexy Execs..


Sexy Execs
“Meet the silver-foxes and their lovely lady friends who rule our corporate world.“

The Auteurs
Watch arthouse films for a fiver streaming online. Extremely worth it as a lot of these films are hard to find. Plus, the site shows a free film every month.

Belfast developer Stuart Manning has built some extensions for Twitter which allow you to write more than 140 characters, enter a map location on your tweets and check stats on your links.

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Promo is sticky business

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Popstar Calvin Harris was partaking in some routine festival backstage waiting around time at the Wireless Festival in the UK recently when he was approached by a camera crew looking to test the theory that stars will turn up or do anything to be on TV, specifically, open a jar of jam.

Harris was asked to participate in a feature excitingly titled ‘Can you open my pot of jam?’. Despite his reservations he obliged yet in the ultimate act of self-sacrifice, it emerged that he, a mere mortal COULD NOT OPEN THE JAM. Three times.

Of course, I wouldn’t be writing about this unimportant incident had the emasculated Harris not told the world about his experience via, what else, but Twitter. In a series of bewildering yet entertaining updates, he recounted the sorry tale.

“Who do they expect to watch this jam-unopening?” he wrote. “Is this what it’s come to? Is this my life? It’s not the embarrassment of not opening the jam, I have come to terms with my lack of upper body strength. It’s the overwhelming sadness I feel that somebody who makes TV thinks this is an acceptable and entertaining feature.It’s not. It’s shite.”

In a wonderfully satirical move, Harris then decided to take Jamgate head-on by producing his own Youtube series called JamTV to highlight just how silly the whole affair is. The only thing is, in an inane yet discerning way – it’s rather hilarious. With an Adam and Joe-esque theme song and the episodes showing Goldie and Katy Perry (see below) perplexingly opening a jar of jam, Harris has made Jamgate into a cathartic and genuinely funny experience. Just in time to promote his new single ‘Ready for the Weekend’. See? There’s no such thing as bad promo. (more…)

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