Win tickets to Oxegen! (Week 4)

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It’s week four of our Oxegen giveaway with two weeks left to the festival, time is running out! Day & Night have another two pairs of weekend camping tickets for the event of the summer which will feature acts like Keane, Pendulum, Blur, Snow Patrol, Kings of Leon, Pet shop Boys and The Script.

All you have to enter the competition is answer to the question below by finding it in current edition of Day & Night supplement in the Irish Independent today (June 26th with Johnny Depp on the cover – see image).

Who is writing this week’s Nightwatch column?

HOW TO ENTER: Find the answer in the magazine, then turn to page 17 for details on how to enter by text and phone. Good Luck!

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Videos of The Week


Dinosaurs say “Heeeey”
Jurassic Park’s CGI creations are much more appealing when they offer salutations to their victims.

Beck covers Velvet Underground
As part of his new “Record Club” covers project, Beck has unveiled a live video of Velvet Underground’s ‘Sunday Morning’.


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Songkick wants your gigs

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A new UK-based site is aiming to become the IMDB for music events. which officially launched a few weeks ago officially in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand (with limited listings for Ireland right now) is hoping to become the de facto resource for live music.

What separates Songkick from other listings sites is the emphasis on past events. So far, the site has gathered info on over one million events with the aim of documenting those great gigs of times past through posters, user-generated photos, videos, setlists and reviews. (more…)

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Sites of the Week

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A visual search engine that pulls its results from all sorts of media and sites. The end result is a intuitive clickable visual starting point on your chosen topic.

This site which compiles notes, pages, letters and cards found on the street and posts it in the net runs the gamut of human emotion and is at times very, very funny.

A digital magazine service which houses free magazine issues from all over the world counts back issues of Ireland music magazines State and Analogue amongst its publications.

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Band of Blogs: Franz Ferdinand, The Very Best, Late of The Pier summer mixtape

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Franz Ferdinand Remixes
With No You Girls now released as a single, the Scots have been given the remix treatment by “wonky” electronica enthusiast Zomby, Danish DJ Trentemoller and DFA luminary The Juan McClean.

The Very Best – W.H.O.A
W.H.O.A or ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ in long-form is the title track from The Very Best – a collaboration between UK dance producers Radioclit and Malawi singer Esau. The track’s uplifting summer vibe is bolstered by a hook provided by Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig.

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Linkage: RIAA awarded $1.92M in P2P case and more

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RIAA awarded $1.92M in P2P case
A jury in Minnesota awarded the damages to the music industry representative body after 32 year old mother of four Jammie Thomas-Rasset was found to have infringed copyright by downloading and sharing 24 songs on the Kazaa. That’s a whopping $80,000 per track.

Buy the t-shirt, get the album
Rapper Mos Def is offering a novel t-shirt package for his excellent new album The Ecstatic which comes with the album cover on the front, tracklisting on the back and a download code on the tag.

The Manga Messiah has unearthed a Manga comic about Jesus which has the by-line: “HAS HE COME to SAVE the WORLD… or DESTROY IT? ”

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Social Networking – The Movie (Huh?)


Look, I love social networking but this has gone too far! Variety is reporting that David Fincher is interested in directing an Aaron Sorkin-scripted film for Columbia Pictures about the formation of Facebook called The Social Network. Oh dear. yes, David Fincher – the guy who directed Seven, Fight Club, Zodiac and the frankly-awful-I-don’t care-what-anyone-says-one-eye-on-the-Forrest-Gump-Oscar The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Come on. Aaron Sorkin has even setup a Facebook group about the proposed movie.

According to Variety:

The film will focus on the evolution of Facebook from its 2004 creation on the Harvard campus by sophomore Mark Zuckerberg to a juggernaut with more than 200 million members.

Is a website, no matter how awesome and hands-across-the-world it happens to be worthy of a movie? What next?? Twitter: The Movie?? Uh-oh. Too late. Have we not learnt from our past? Movies about the internet and computers are not cool. Remember Hackers? Sandra Bullock in The Net?? Please David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin learn from these awful movies… (more…)

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