Band of Blogs: Gotye, Charli XCX, The Dø & Simon Bird

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Already huge in his native Australia, Goyte’s single collaboration with Kiwi singer Kimbra Somebody That I Used To Know has racked up over 13 million views since July yet his album Making Mirrors isn’t released here until February officially. Check out the second single Easy Way Out, a Beck-esque fuzz number for a idea of Wally De Backer’s depth. Yes, that’s his real name.

Charli XCX

19 year-old London hopeful releases a second single of nuanced dark-gilded electro-pop with Nuclear Seasons, the verse of which sounds like No Doubt’s Just a Girl.

CharliXCX – Nuclear Seasons by charlixcx

The Dø

A French/Finnish duo who have had success in the French charts, The Dø are hoping their new second album Both Ways Open Jaws will do it abroad too. Have a listen to the tribal powerhouse of single Slippery Slope to judge for yourself.

Simon Bird

This Dublin-based 21 year-old producer from West Somerset in England has quietly released five EPs of high-quality ambient and electronic music. One to watch.

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Legitmixing it up: the cure for sample copyright issues?

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From the birth of hip-hop to the ‘90s mashup craze to the use of the Amen break in drum and bass music, sampling has weaved its way through popular culture as a reoccurring thread. Any new work created with the use of a sample still comes up against legal problems but solutions for sampling as an artform and as a commercial concern may be coming through clever use of technology in a new service called Legitmix.

Legitmix creates a platform for DJs, producers, remixers and musicians to legally sample musical sources without going through the sample clearance process. A sample-based track can then be released legally via the website and their widgets.

Here’s how the process works. Rather than provide clearance for the sampled song, Legitmix empowers the listener to create the final-sampled version of the song by recreating it on a digital binary level using a copy of the original music. What that simply means is that, a listener is buying an original copy of the the sampled source along with the new song and recreating it on their own computer. As the song was created using Legitmix on their own computer, it’s considered as personal use. Legitmix also pays the sampled artist for the song’s use.


Brooklyn rapper El-P was the first artist to officially release a song featuring a sample from a big-selling Canadian rock band Rush last week. His Rush Over Bklyn song is a mix of his own song with a sample from Rush’s Tom Sawyer. Instead of leaking the track online as a bootleg, El-P is selling the song through Legitmix. Rush get a cut and the rest of the proceeds goes to to his friend DJ Mr Dibbs who is battling liver disease.


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