Videos of The Week: Pink Floyd soundtracks The Wizard Of Oz, Livin’ De Life & more

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Livin’ De Life

A. Samuels is a 55 year old casino owner who decided he would pursue an alternative life as a rapper. Cue LOLs and WTFs?

Dublin Rose Hip-Hop Dance

It’s been all over the internet tubes for the past week including an appearance on Perez Hilton. Yes, it’s the Dublin Rose’s “Hip Hop” dance. We await the mashups.

Driving Through Dublin

A journey from Dun Laoghaire through Blackrock into an unpedestrianised Grafton Street and back again from 1982.

The Dark Side of Oz

Remember that classic bit of stoner gossip about how Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon syncs up with The Wizard Of Oz? The internet has done the hard work for you…

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Social music roundup: Onesheet – An heir to the social music throne?

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It might be hard to believe but MySpace, the one-time social network behemoth is going to try it again. After last year’s failed attempt at a redesign and refocus which was notable for its literally vacant logo (My_____), the site was bought out by Specific Media which included Justin Timberlake as creative director. Not surprisingly then, news has trickled out that MySpace is to relaunch once again as a “music hub” in a real last-ditch attempt to regain its influence.

MySpace’s new chief marketing executive Al Dejewski told Advertising Age that the site needed to get back to the start and “we’ve found that foundation is music.” OK. Where were Dejewski and co. when MySpace was all about music and then threw it all away? Dejewski went on to say “No other music destination online today can claim the breadth of partnership we have with the four major music labels in addition to the tens of millions of independent artists and the libraries of their songs”. While that maybe true, those numbers are just that. The site may claim 70 million users worldwide but there’s no mass engagement with MySpace any more. Bands don’t actively use it like they once did so it’ll be interesting to see what big plans they have to win people back. They might have to hurry up too as rumours suggest that its rival Facebook will debut some music features during their f8 developer conference on September 22nd.
Meanwhile, there is no shortage of new music services vying for a piece of the social music pie. Following the success of playlist DJ chatroom site Turntable.FM, takes the concept and applies it to video. Chill is a virtual version of standing around a laptop, showing off the latest Youtube video to a friend. Like Turntable, it’s got VJs, rooms, play queues and real-time interaction. (more…)

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New music: Lana Del Rey, Tara Masterson Hally, Wise Blood & Penguin Prison

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Lana Del Rey

Looking a bit like a glamorous Hollywood star herself, Lana Del Rey conjures up a sorrowful ballad in Video Games which counts on love, devotion, hedonism and sex to draw you in to its shady thrilling world.

Tara Masterson Hally

Having just left school, the double-barreled teenager will now have much more time to devote to forging her already unique brand of muted ethereal and ambient folk music. Like a fresh sunny walk on a misty morning.

Listen at Nialler9

Wise Blood

Short, sharp and filled with hyperactive energy, Philadelphia’s Christopher Laufman’s new EP is 17 minutes and seven songs of delirious experimental pop music. Contains the (literally) killer line: “I’ve got to confess / I’ll probably kill ya just to try on your dress”.

Listen to the EP

Penguin Prison

With a song title like Don’t F**k With My Money, Chris Glover is already halving half his audience but a seriously good synth-pop song and a serious solo make his latest single the ultimate winner.

Listen at Your Music Radar

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Sites of the Week: Brand New Retro, One Week, One Band & Unsubscribe

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Brand New Retro

Scans of old Irish magazines including Ireland’s first magazine for men Man Alive from 1974 and advertisements from Ireland’s “most successful nite-spot” Zhivago on Baggot Street.

One Week // One Band

A different music writer curates this site every week with a focus on one particular artist per week. Recent picks include Duke Ellington, Pet Shop Boys, Kelly Clarkson and Queens Of The Stone Age.

When you need a little help managing your email inbox.

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How Jay-Z and Kanye prevented the leaks

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It’s the biggest destination for music on the internet and Youtube has finally recognised that fact with the launch of a dedicated music section. The revamped shows you recommended videos and artists based on existing videos you are watching, a list of upcoming local concerts using Songkick gig data and the most relevant music chart of all, a Youtube top 100 for the week highlighting the songs that are being watched globally (Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass currently sits on top).

In the coming weeks, Youtube is teaming up with curators like Vice Magazine, SPIN, XLR8R and music vloggers like The Needle Drop to offer daily playlists for further exploration. Youtube have promised these services before but this music transformation is their most complete yet.

One video sitting high in the Youtube chart is Kanye West and Jay-Z’s Otis from the Watch The Throne album.  The album broke the iTunes one-week sales record with 290,000 downloads in a week. As outlined by Billboard (, this feat was made possible by the extraordinary measures the duo put in place to ensure that the album DID NOT leak.


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