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The Loudness War: Is it finally dying?

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If you’ve ever listened to a piece of music and thought it sounded distorted, too busy, too muddled or just plain too LOUD, then congratulations to your brain and ears for deciphering what has been coined The Loudness War.

Popular music has been getting louder in the last 20 years. What happens is better explained by a Youtube video but the result of this loudness has been a loss of dynamics in music. Where once the drums could be felt punching into a track, now they will be compressed into the same frequency band as every other instrument on the song, resulting in a uniform sound wave that is missing dynamic range (the difference between quiet and loud parts). All of these frequencies are then made louder so the entire track fills, up the range of frequencies heard by the human ear. There can be no such thing as quiet if everything is loud.

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Band of Blogs: Daley, Chrome Sparks, This Club, Joe Goddard

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The best music on the web this week…


As featured on Gorillaz’ once-off single Doncamatic last year, London R&B singer Daley has released a free mixtape called Those Who Wait.

Chrome Sparks

An Ann Arbor duo who make dreamy chillwave pop. Pick up their seven-track My <3 album. chromesparks.bandcamp.com

This Club

Formerly called Hoarsebox, This Club’s new single I Won’t Worry has been picked up by blogs like Neon Gold, Selective Culture and The Point Of Everything.

Joe Goddard – Gabriel

One member of Hot Chip makes solo dance music that sounds like Hot Chip but with female vocals by a girl called Valentina. Yes, please.

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Sites of the Week: Empire Avenue, Outloud & Google Takeout

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Empire Avenue

If the idea of your social media influence being tracked as a quantifiable game appeals to you then you might be interested in this stock market-style social site.


Similar to Turntable.FM except without avatars and it works outside the US, Outloud offers chat rooms where you can make collaborative playlists with others while you listen.

Google Takeout

Download a copy of the data stored in Google products including email contacts & more.

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