U2′s Fan Gigacam, The Strokes & Nirvana cover anniversary albums

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U2′s 360° juggernaut of a world tour finished up in Moncton, Canada last week ending a 110 concert run around the world. Whatever you think of the band, it’s hard not to admire the scale of ‘The Claw’ stage concept. The unique structure lent itself to another innovative feature of the tour, the GigaPixel Fancam , an interactive panoramic photograph of each of their recent North American concerts in high resolution.

An entire audience of 60,000 people or so in the stadium are visible, no matter where they were sitting or standing. The detail is stunning. From the stage you can zoom right up to a guy sitting in the stands holding a beverage and read his t-shirt, find the woman in the corporate box giving out to her family or decipher a girl’s tattoo in the front row. Part of the fun of the application is scanning for those people who were caught unawares: the guy picking his nose, the couple having an argument, the grizzled old guy spilling his beer over his fellow concert patron or the terrified man that is giving off a “dramatic chipmunk” vibe. The Fancam is scarily impressive in its detail. What next? Bono looks inside your soul with infra-red cameras?

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Band of Blogs: Rewards feat. Solange, Friendly Fires cover Gaga, Frank Ocean & more

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Beyoncé’s younger sister Solange continues to provide big hooks on alternative pop songs. On Equal Dreams, she joins former Chairlift member Aaron Pfenning on a slice of dark funky New York disco.

Listen at Nialler9

Friendly Fires cover Gaga

Here the St. Alban trio tune down Gaga’s bombastic The Edge Of Glory into something listenable for BBC Radio One’s Live Lounge.

Listen at Paste

Frank Ocean

Odd Future’s R&B producer who has recently worked with Beyoncé, Kanye and Jay-Z, posted Thinking About You, a smooth R&B jam on his Tumblr last week and then took it down for some reason. The internet captures all though and it’s be doing the rounds on music blogs.

Listen at The Hype Machine

Zun Zun Egui

Ones to watch from Bristol thanks to their tropical and upbeat take on post-rock guitar music. The debut single Fandango Fresh is their bright calling card.

Watch at The Line of Best Fit

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