Metalstep: Korn go Dubstep, Kyla La Grange & other bands of the week

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Dubstep’s hard-edged North American producers have incorporated more aggressive guitar riffs into their sound and ’90s “nu-metal” embarrassment Korn are now making a dubstep album with obnoxious dubstep producer Skrillex. Try not to get sick in mouth.

Kyla La Grange

An English singer-songwriter (pictured) who has bubblin’ under for a while now, La Grange steps out into the light with the Fleetwood Mac-esque folk-rock of Been Better. It’s the sound of mid-90s AM radio updated for 2011.

James Franco’s new band

Yes, the actor James Franco. He’s teamed up with performance artist Kalup Linzy on a musical project called Kalup And Franco and guess what? It’s pretty good. Well, it’s better than his Oscars hosting performance. Boom! No seriously, it’s very indie R&B which is sooo hot right now.

Bon Iver covers Bonnie Rait

After he performed the song I Can’t Make You Love Me on Jimmy Fallon, Justin Vernon sat down at the piano in a studio and recorded a superior version complete with a detour into Raitt’s Nick Of Time.

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Lady Gaga’s fashion blog & other sites of the week

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Amen Fashion

Lady Gaga has got herself a Tumblr fashion blog.

Dear Photograph

A photo site that places that great old photograph in its modern context to see how things have changed in its environment.


Take the discount model forged by Groupon and apply that to music and you get GroopEase. Each day, a vetted independent band gets the “groop of the day” tag and as a member you get the opportunity to purchase their album at a discount if you like what you hear.

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