Daithí’s all in a loop

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Not a week goes by without another musician dreaming up a great way to utilise digital media to promote their music. Last week, it was former Golden Silvers singer Gwilym Gold with his own mobile non-static non-linear mobile app format Bronze in which the song is never heard the same way twice. The same could be true for this week’s digitally-minded musician, Daithí O’ Dronaí, the Galway fiddle player and runner-up in Sky One’s Must Be The Music programme, who released the rather fine Embrace EP a couple of months back.

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Band of Blogs: Givers, Niki & The Dove, Florence covers Buddy Holly & Jamie xx

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Givers – Up Up Up

Givers are a Louisiana quintet who have been knocking around music blogs since 2009. Up Up Up is a perfect pop song that bounces with summery guitar, boy/girl harmonies and a sprightly disposition. A debut album In Light is out in the US this month.


Niki & The Dove

Sweden’s latest and greatest avant-pop offering are sure to invite Fever Ray comparisons. Malin Dahlström is the voice and Gustaf Karlöf is the songwriter. Between them, they create dynamic theatrical electro-pop with Malin as the siren caller.

Florence covers Buddy Holly

Taken from the tribute album Rave On Buddy Holly which also features Cee Lo Green, Paul McCartney, Loud Reed and Julian Casablancas, hear Florence Welch’s Cajun-inspired version of Not Fade Away.

Watch at Nowness

Jamie xx

Delayed for months due to some legal sample issues, Jamie Smith finally releases the steel pan-infused two-step electronica of ‘Far Nearer’, his first solo release away from The xx.


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Obscure ’90s Footballers, The Renaming of Names By RTE & other sites of the week

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Obscure ’90s Footballers

Mickey Quinn! Chris Bart-Williams! Dmitri Kharine! Pavel Srnicek! This Facebook page is a roll call of all those Premier League footballers that time forgot.


The Renaming of Names By RTE

Our national broadcaster sure knows how to adapt the names of famous TV programmes and films for their own benefit.


Literally Unbelievable

Stories from the brilliant satirical news website The Onion as interpreted by people on Facebook.


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The song never remains the same

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A couple of weeks ago Digital featured Danger Mouse and Danielle Luppi’s impressive WebGL video which was made to promote their new album Rome. As was noted then, artists have to do something fresh, new and different these days to get their music noticed amongst the hail of noise that dominates entertainment.

Step forward Gwilym Gold. The former frontman of London’s promising band Golden Silvers has gone solo and to mark the occasion has released his first single Flesh Freeze as a downloadable app using a new musical format called Bronze (bronzeformat.com). Far away from his former band’s sprightly indie-pop music, the new track is downbeat ambient song with Gold’s vocals pushing things along. Flesh Freeze does not have a conventional arrangement. A perfect song for some experimentation then.

The Bronze format is described as “a non-interactive music format, that transforms every aspect of a song, to create a unique version on each listen.” The result is that no two listens of the song are exactly the same. Vocals will not always follow the same order, the drum pattern may change, synth lines will appear and disappear:the arrangement and playback is always unique.

Gold himself conceived the idea and implemented Bronze along with the help of his producer Lexxx and, not your normal credit for a pop song, a team of scientists from Goldsmiths University in London. The non-static song is available for Mac only at the moment with iPhone, Android and PC coming very soon at gwilymgold.com. More music in the Bronze format is also forthcoming.

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