Adele, Fairtrade Music, Pocket Hipsters & Red Bull Radio

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It’s been a fantastic year so far for Adele whose second album 21 has managed to dominate charts worldwide recently. After her stunning performance of Someone Like You at The Brits a few weeks ago, where the singer was clearly holding back tears, she’s been on a roll.
Adele’s latest and greatest appearance was a powerful performance of Rolling In The Deep on Late Show With Letterman in which Adele displays all the traits of her influences like Etta James and Dusty Springfield. Etta James is clearly a big inspiration on her as she gets two renditions in a collection of Adele covers which also sees her tackle Sam Cooke, Cheryl Cole, Bob Dylan and The Cure.

While Adele is one of the lucky ones enjoying worldwide success, it’s much harder for talented musicians at the start of their career. The recently launched Fairtrade Music site, offers independent artists the opportunity to connect directly to potential fans via a donation system if a listener likes what they hear. The main benefit is that 100% of a donation (the total amount is up to to the listener) goes directly into the artist’s pocket, and the listener feels good for having helped out the little guy. There are currently over 1300 artists and over 3300 listeners on the site.

If FairTrade Music isn’t cool enough for you, perhaps you need something more sarky. Try out the Pocket Hipster iPhone app (€0.79 in the app store). The app features an animated cartoon character called Sebastian Fowler who checks out your iTunes library, sneers at it and proceeds to suggest a playlist of songs not present you should be listening to. In-between Sebastian tells you about his ironic facial hair, his eBay buys and espouses the virtue of living in a squat. It’s a great little fun diversion and offers up some genuine musical treats, but it’s probably the only one that’ll make you want to punch the next person you see on a fixed gear bike.

If Pocket Hipster is too ironic for you but you still want to hear some brand new music then check out Red Bull’s Music Academy Radio which exists as a website and a free iPhone app. There are hundreds of hours of live sets, interviews, mixes, and audio documentaries to explore. Like the brand’s admirable Music Academy initiative, which puts on global workshops for promising producers, the main emphasis is on dance and electronic music. The latest shows feature interviews with Chilly Gonzales, The Roots and Hercules And Love Affair along with live recordings from Jamie xx, The Go! Team, Flying Lotus and loads more including radio channels by genre which play music non-stop.

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Band of Blogs: TV On The Radio, Foo Fighters, ASIWYFA & Summer Camp

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TV On The Radio return

A surprise dropped by the band last week ahead of their new album Nine Types Of Light, Will Do is a floaty and eclectic treat of a song from one of Brooklyn’s best bands.
TV On The Radio – “Will Do” by Interscope Records

And So I Watch You From Afar

Northern Irish rockers ASIWYFA (pictured) are back with a new album called Gangs in May and the gargantuan first single Search:Party:Animal is now available for download. The band are also offering stems of the singles for a remix competition.
ASIWYFA – Search:Party:Animal by Richter Collective

Foo Fighters

Grohl and co. are back and it sounds like they’ve been hanging around with Queens Of The Stone Age again. The two songs they’ve released online so far are heavier rock songs than Foo fans may be used to.
Listen at

Summer Camp – I Want You

It’s about time we had a decent stalker anthem. London duo Summer Camp’s delicious and malicious new single wants to make you love it so much “you’d have to ask permission to breathe.” Yikes. Appreciate from a distance.

I Want You by Summer Camp

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Sites of the Week: Musicians recount their worst ever gig, Draw And Fold Over & Go Barbra

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Worst Gig

Musicians recount their worst ever live experiences on this entertaining site. The Flaming Lips, Jane’s Addiction, Aimee Mann, Rush, Wilco, Pete Yorn and Alice Cooper all share their stories, from wrong venues to psychotic fans to technical malfunctions.

Draw And Fold Over

Remember that old game where you draw a head, body and legs on folded paper between a few different people? Yes, you guessed it, you can now do it online. So much fun.

Go Barbra

Put your own words into Duck Sauce’s massive club hit Barbra Streisand.

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