The top 10 video virals of 2010

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No matter what happens in real life, the internet keeps on truckin’, gifting us random videos for us all to laugh at. They might be funny but they also are a peek into our humanity and society at large (Ahem). Here are ten of the best LOLs of the year:

  1. RTE broadcasts an icy fall

    – Early in January, with the country in the grip of the aftermath of snow, one intrepid Dublin city explorer was caught falling on camera by RTE News. The sound of his body hitting the pavement became a sound heard around the world with over 1.5 million views.

  2. Die Antwoord

    – The comedic South African rave-rap group went all the way to a major label deal after their videos ‘Zef Side’ and ‘Enter the Ninja’ freaked the bejaysis out of everyone who saw them.

  3. (more…)

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Band of Blogs: An Indiecater Christmas, Young Galaxy , Quompilation & The Casanova Wave

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An Indiecater Christmas
For the third year in a row, music blogger MP3Hugger has asked some of his favourite bands to record festive covers for a download-only compilation. It features an international cast of little-known but great bands like The Very Most, The Gorgeous Colours and Dolfish. It’s a better and more original choice than listening to Now That’s What I Can Christmas! every year.

Young Galaxy
Gorilla vs Bear debuted the gorgeous tropical-sounding Cover The Tracks from Montreal’s Young Galaxy’s second album Shapeshifting forthcoming in February.
Listen at G vs B

Quompilation #1
Irish blog Quarter Inch Collective has asked 14 bands to record covers of their favourite songs of 2010 to be released on old-school cassette and download. Bands asked include Cloud Castle Lake, We Are Losers, Patrick Kelleher, Squarehead, Fade Street’s own Kid Karate and more.

The Casanova Wave’s Christmas song
Waterford musician Brian McCartan recorded ‘I Believe In Father Christmas’ for Phantom FM for the season and the song is available for free download.

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