Sites of the Week: Oh My Dog, Large Hearted Boy & Pluckwuck

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Oh My Dog
Ireland finally gets its very own dog photo website.

Large Hearted Boy
As well as being an all-round great blog during the year, Large Hearted Boy is the place to go in December for collected links to “Best of” lists.

The fascinating Twitter account of one rubber chicken and his photo opportunities with celebrities like Matt Berry, Richard and Judy, The X-Factor judges, Louise Spence and more.

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Nostalgic celebrities sing Let it Be & We Are The World ?!

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Recorded for Norwegian TV to promote the programme Glyne Tider (translated as Golden Times) , this ad features a rendition of We Are The World by, amongst others, Pat Sharp, Larry “JR” Hagman, Ian Rush, Bo Derek, Kim Wilde, Mark Hammil, The Bangles, Michael Winslow and loads of other random ’80s celebrities.

Another rendition of ‘Let It Be’ might even be more random with people like Ricki Lake, Bergerac, Norm from Cheers, Paul McKenna (?), Tonya Harding, Glenn Close, Judd Nelson and Theo from The Cosby Show.

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Flattr: A new way for artists to get paid online

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In these times of uncertainty in the music industry, illegal downloads, print media reshuffling and an ever-changing media landscape, the answer to the question – “How are musicians, artists and content creators going to make a living?” is as perplexing as ever.

One possible solution to the conundrum has come from an extremely unlikely source. Peter Sunde, the co-founder of The Pirate Bay – the most notorious Bittorrent site that is often-pointed as an example of blatant copyright infringement, has turned his attention to something much more noble. Imagine if paying your favourite artists was as easy as pressing a “Like” button.

Flattr is Sunde’s latest idea is just that, a social microdonation system which is aimed at rewarding content creators for the work they are producing. The idea is simple enough. Musicians, writers, film-makers, creatives and anyone making original content can install a Flattr button on their site. If the consumer of an article, a piece of music or any other media likes what they are engaging with, then a quick click of the Flattr button marks that person as a recipient of a percentage of the monthly credit that the person has committed to Flattr per month.

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Band of Blogs: PJ Harvey, Mogwai, David Lynch & Yapayork

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David Lynch
Yes, that David Lynch. The revered film director has released a double-slab of electronic music that doesn’t sound a million miles away from Crystal Castles.
Listen at Circle Square Triangle.

PJ Harvey
With a new album Let England Shake due in February, PJ Harvey offered up Written On The Forehead, which features a brittle-sounding vocal, a reggae sample, a swirl of ambient noise and percussion in its instrumentation.
Written On The Forehead by pjharvey

From their forthcoming album Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (a contender for album title of next year), comes Rano Pano, the Scottish band’s free download. It’s as heavy, as phantasmal and as atypical as we’ve come to expect from the Blur-hating noisemakers.
Mogwai – Rano Pano

22 year old Yapayork is the latest signing to Popjustice’s HiFi label. Teenagers is the attention-seeking singer’s debut single of electro-poptastic sounds.

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Kim Jong Il Looking At Things & other sites of the week

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Kim Jong Il Looking At Things
Even when he is simply looking at objects around him, Kim Jong-Il remains a mystery to us all…

A music playback site which builds playlists using search results from Last.FM and Youtube and displays them in a similar way to Grooveshark. Bonus points for the time travel feature which allows you to listen to US Billboard chart playlists from as far back as 1966.

Name Anagrams
Takes your first and last name and gives you the best anagram available. The best online this week was the delightful and charming “HEALER OR ANUS”.

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