Pesky pirates making mischief

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Those pesky 4Chan kids are at it again. A targeted campaign from a fragmented group of like-minded individuals who often call themselves ‘Anonymous’ have taken on the entertainment industry.

It all started when Indian anti-piracy company AiPlex admitted, foolishly that they aggressively launched “denial of service” attacks on uncooperative Bittorrent sites. The result of a Distributed Denial of Service attack or DDoS is that a website gets completely hammered with requests until the server which hosts the site cannot take any more and crashes. AiPlex were hired by a movie studio to stop the pirating of new movie releases but this confession annoyed the 4Chan community enough to counter-attack.

They launched a massive response to the news – they issued a large operation to take down AiPlex’s server and then moved onto the internet home of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) which took just 8 minutes to bring down.

Usually a DDoS attack comes from no more than a few sources so it can be easy to block. If a co-ordinated and global attack such as 4Chan’s response occurs though – the number of IP addresses used becomes almost impossible to stop. The campaign nicknamed Operation Payback removed those two sites from the web temporarily until the companies could figure out how how to fix it. At time of writing, ‘Anonymous’ are saying the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is next.

It’s a reminder of just how powerful and mischievous piracy advocates can be. In August, popular Bittorrent site TorrentReactor claims it bought a Russian village. No joke. The total cost? $150,000 (approx. €115,000).

It sounds like a publicity stunt but the site has reportedly bought the rights to rename the remote town of Gar which is located near the Seversk nuclear reactor in the Tomsk region of Russia. TorrentReactor claims the population of the town accepted the deal as the money went directly to improving the quality of life of the town’s 214 inhabitants.

Gar has no working business, only 3 PCs and the majority of the town sell their homegrown vegetables to a nearby town for income it is claimed. Gar’s most respected citizen is quoted as saying “Of course, we lose some of our history by renaming the village. But we will be able to create perspectives for our youth and the village in general so we think it’s a fair deal.”

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Band of Blogs: Blackbird Blackbird, Sufjan Stevens, Holy Other, Fever Ray mixtape

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The best music on the web this week..

Blackbird Blackbird
Mikey Sanders may be the only member of Blackbird Blackbird but he doesn’t let that stop him from churning out high-quality dream pop jams on an almost daily basis. An album, an EP and a rarities collection is on his Bandcamp profile to delve into but definitely give his cover of Modest Mouse’s Float On a spin.

Sufjan Stevens album preview
It was only a month ago when Sufjan made his fans instant bedwetters with a new EP. He has quickly followed that up by debuting two songs (I Walked and Too Much) from his forthcoming album The Age Of Adz (pronounced Odds). Both tracks are much more electronic-based than previous material but still strive for the same grandeur.

Holy Other
Brooding ambient electronica to help you through the night from a Berlin-based band who release their debut 7” through music blog Transparent’s label wing this week.

Fever Ray mixtape
After Fever Ray’s knockout atmospheric show at Electric Picnic, Karin Dreijer Andersson delivers a bonkers mixtape for Dazed Digital featuring South African Shangaan electro, obscure caterwauling vocalist Meredith Monk, Konono No.1 and more. When M.I.A is the most conventional artist on the tracklisting, you know you’re in for a strange listen.
Listen at Dazed

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Sites of the Week: Lookbook, Dump.FM & Next Media Animation

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The go-to site for fashion inspiration for hipsters and satorialists every where. Users around the world post artful pictures of their outfits which are voted on by site members. If you’ve ever bought and worn a fleece jacket, you’ll probably will never be cool enough for this community.

Next Media Animation
Remember that animated clip from an Asian news channel concerning Tiger Woods and his wife? Or how about the bizarre video recounting of Wayne Rooney’s recent activities? NMA makes absolutely off-the-wall animated clips for bizarre news stories and they all can be seen (to be believed) on their site.

Why use video to chat when you can say more with pictures, or more specifically the internet’s pile of animated GIFs and randomly sourced images?

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Animated Hervé video

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Ghetto bass producer Hervé’s new single Together samples from Primal Scream pretty heavily but the video is the real selling point. It takes photos from the web, animates them and messes around with their subjects.

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