Sites of the Week: The Rap Map, The Ugly Dance & 1,001 Rules For My Unborn Son

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The Rap Map
The Rap Map is a Google Maps mashup showing key places in hip-hop’s North American past, from lyrical references to streets to clubs to the motel that Virginia Beach rappers Clipse used to sell drugs from.

The Ugly Dance
Send your friend a customised interactive dance card now. They’ll appreciate it.

1,001 Rules For My Unborn Son
Boys need rules. Walker Lamond imparts his worldly knowledge down to his son via the medium of a blog. Now a book.

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Band of Blogs: Snow Patrol mashup, Sacred Animals, Jay-Z & Kanye’s surprise EP and more

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Sacred Animals
Recalling the timbres of Bon Iver and Thom Yorke, Sacred Animals is a solo project from a mysterious Wexford man whose debut EP Welcome Home deals in fanciful and feral piano-led ballads.

Wild Nothing – Golden Haze
A genuine three and a half minutes of ’80s dream pop made in 2010 by Virginian Jack Tatum, Golden Haze is the perfect soundtrack to dancing around your room doing that dance from The Breakfast Club.
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Kanye and Jay-Z’s surprise EP
Watch The Throne is an impromptu five-track EP from two of rap’s big players with appearances from Bon Iver, Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross. Check Kanye’s Twitter for MP3s.

Snow Patrol mashup

Galway bootleg artist Phil Retrospector mixed Jimmy Ruffin’s What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?’ with Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars. P Diddy saw it and put it on his blog. Now, you can hear it too.

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