Slow down Bieber

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The web loves Justin Bieber. He’s the diminuitive Canadian 16 year-old pop star that keeps on giving. Already this year Bieber has been the subject of a pesky message board 4Chan plan to get him sent to North Korea and his antics have filled up internet tubes consistently. Recent highlights include a Youtube video of him escaping fans on a Segway scooter, footage of him walking into glass twice, tweeting the phone number of a hacker to his 4.5 million followers and bonding over Raekwon with Kanye on Twitter which now looks to be leading to a collaboration between the trio.

Even a former pop star, Mark Wahlberg remarked: “The world needs Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber is like a white Tupac compared to a lot of people out there.”

The latest Bieber sensation may be the best yet. A song appeared on the web last week which was Bieber’s hit U Smile slowed down by 800%.

J. BIEBZ – U SMILE 800% SLOWER by Shamantis

As a result of the slowing down, the song is now over 35 minutes long and is closer to the sound of Sigur Ros jamming with whales in a cold icy ocean. While the original is a potent and saccharine paean to a girl’s eh, smile, the slowed down version is a meandering barrage of crashing notes, ambient chord drones, stretched-out reverb-heavy vocals and lulls. It’s actually a beautiful calming piece of music that has more in common with Icelandic composer Johann Johannsson. It’s epic in feeling as well as in length. It’s the musical equivalent of the time-stretching effect in Inception.

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Videos of The Week: The worst cover version ever, Cee-Lo, The Last Exorcism & Spike Jonze short film

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The worst cover version ever
Sweet Child Of Mine is a song which is often-covered never equalled. NOTHING could be worse than this Brazilian version. In fact, not much is worse than this full-stop.

Cee-Lo – F**k You
The voice of Gnarls Barkley has had his heart broken but rather than wallow in sorrow, Cee-lo’s raising his middle finger to the former partner. The typographic video received over a million views in four days.


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Sites of the Week: Facebook Places, Shuffler.FM, Dublin Milkman

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Facebook Places
The social network giant revealed its challenger to location-based services like Foursquare and Gowalla last week.

The latest music blog aggregator sends you on a journey of the blogs in question while playing the song in a handy player. Your path is chosen by genre.

Dublin Milkman
Make Sunday that little bit easier and get your papers, milk and Bretzel Bakery bread delivered to your door.

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Band of Blogs: Sufjan Stevens, Sun Airway, Zappateer1, Dubstep mixtape

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The best music on the web this week..

New Sufjan Stevens EP
The emotional music of Sufjan returns via a new digital-only eight track EP called All Delighted People. It’s on sale for $5 and is 60 minutes long.

Sun Airway
The Balearic / chillwave / tropical pop sounds keeps on giving. This Philadelphia duo have made some of the loveliest blissed-out electronic pop available in 2010. Look out for their album Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier in October.
Listen at Nialler9

Donegal man Zappateer1 (probably not his real name) makes really excellent mashups inspired by The Avalanches and Girl Talk.

25 Tracks: A Dubstep Chronology Mixtape
Drowned In Sound put together a mix which spans 13 years and serves as an audio journey through dubstep’s morphing from UK garage to its Croydon birthplace to its current place in the musical lexicon.
Listen at Drowned in Sound

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Day and Night’s Top 10 DJ Mixes


By no means is this a definitive list, but it is a list of the 10 best mixtapes we’ve heard in the last eight months or so. There’s plenty to love here. Do tell us if we’ve left anything out.

  1. Four Tet Essential Mix
    Features: Kieran Hebden doing what he does best – playing the best out-there electronic music out there, including Floating Points & Joy Orbison.
  2. The Magician – Magic Tape One
    Features: Stephen Fasano introduces his new solo project post- Aeroplane and makes a mark with this funky disco mix.
  3. Mike Scott’s Orchestral Pop Fantasia State Mix
    Features:” The point where the two worlds of pop and classical crossover, via a series of well known tracks, obscurities and mash ups. “
  4. Autechre FACT Mix
    Features: “An unpredictable, kaleidoscopic affair, rooted in sinuous leftfield hip-hop but with bursts of tremulous ambient electronics, techno, hectic breakbeats and, at one particularly memorable point, metal.”
  5. Alex Metric August 2010 Mix
    Features: An hour of solid dancing: Phoenix, Mystery Jets, Holy Ghost!, Tracey Thorn, Boys Noize, Orbital, Kele, Jamaica.
  6. (more…)

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The best places to get your DJ mix fix


Take a look at your CD collection. Chances are there are a few expertly-chosen DJ compilations on your shelves. DJ mix CDs used to be ten-a-penny In today’s new music world, there are less opportunities for DJs to physically release mix compilations unless they are asked by a still-going-strong series like Fabric or DJ Kicks. The internet is where it’s at in terms of convincing a promoter to book a DJ and an audience to throw down their hard-earned euros on a live set.

Sites like Soundcloud and Mixcloud make it easy for DJs to share their skills with an audience and the number of mixes has been increasing lately with some brilliant sets available. Take Aeroplane for example, the now one-man DJ from Belgium has been uploading mixes of stellar quality to Soundcloud every month since September last year and each one is eternally listenable. The latest mix Late July features disco, house, current remixes and Yoko Ono.

Diplo has been a major proponent in the online mixtape business for about five years now, ever since he released his MIA mixtape – Piracy Funds Terrorism Vol. 1. One of his most recent and notable mixes was another collaboration. This time, Diplo under his Major Lazer project worked with La Roux on Lazerproof, a dancefloor-flavoured collection based on La Roux originals.

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