The theme song to rapture

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Don’t let the amateur Casio keyboard backing track and the serene natural setting fool you, this guy is serious. All together now – “America is Babylon / And her story’s almost’s done / She rides the beast / The beast is sore / And now that beast will burn that whore”. Charming.

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Band of Blogs: Beat Connection, Adebisi Shank, Clare Maguire, The Knocks

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Beat Connection
Coming to our ears via their free download debut EP, Surf Noir is eight tracks of jangly electro dreamy dance music out of Seattle. It’s summer distilled.

New Adebisi Shank track
The first sample from Wicklow’s Adebisi Shank second album This Is The Second Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank, International Dreambeat is pure rainbow rock made of polychromatic guitars and sunbeam rhythms. The album is out on August 20th.
Listen at Nialler9

Clare Maguire
Described as a “big-voiced Birmingham belter” by Dublin blogger The Bubble Boy, Claire Maguire certainly has soulful chops. Check out her new single Strangest Thing, as recommended by Neon Gold. One to watch.
Listen at The Bubble Boy

The Knocks
This NYC producer duo started off with remixes of The Temper Trap, Ellie Goulding, Katie Perry and Passion Pit. Now making original tracks, their sound is pop aimed at the dancefloor with a strong emphasis on electro fun.

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Sites of the Week: Mila’s Daydreams, Crap At My Parents House, Unbounded Song

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Mila’s Daydreams
A mother’s playtime begins when her baby falls asleep and her child Mila becomes the centre of an elaborate photographic daydream.

Crap At My Parents House
Paying homage to all the useless and strange objects that your parents hoard.

Unbounded Song
A blog which is building an archive of one song for every country in the world.

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Band of Blogs: Daft Punk Tron Soundtrack, Guards, The Walkmen & Baths

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Daft Punk’s Tron Soundtrack
Finally, long-awaited tracks from Daft Punk’s contribution to the Tron:Legacy soundtrack have been let loose on the internet. The tracks are streaming on the official site.
Listen at the Tron website

The Walkmen are “Stranded”
A band with a fervent but small following to date, this may all change if Stranded, the gorgeous first brass-assisted single from the band’s forthcoming sixth album Lisbon has anything to do with it.
Listen at Everybody Taste

Not much is known about Guards save for their brand of 70s-inspired psychedelic rock music is available for free download and features fellow blog-buzzers Cults and Chairlift on guest vocals. Oh, and it’s really, really good.
Free download from Bandcamp

Will Wiesenfeld is a producer from Los Angeles steeped in the Brainfeeder electronic scene that spawned Flying Lotus and Daedelus. His album Cureleanhas been amassing blog love recently.

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Dead Elvis archive: The return of the living dead


At times, we can all feel like the internet moves at a pace that not even Usain Bolt could catch up on. While, there’s always the latest “must-watch” video or Tumblr blog to check out, it’s worth highlighting that the net can also be a valuable resource for collating information on ephemeral topics, microscenes or time periods almost forgotten. Wikipedia proves that. On a local level though, here’s a superb example of such ingenuity.

Dead Elvis was a Irish record label which was active between 1994 and 1999 and put out releases from Wormhole, Rumble, Alan Lambert, The Sewing Room and Jubilee Allstars amongst others. Eamonn Doyle, Marc Carolan, ‘Og’ Crudden and Eamonn Crudden ran the label and Eamonn Crudden recently began posting up songs, memories and multimedia from that time on

The blog is a great resource for reminiscing about the bands playing around Dublin during the 90s but also serves as an insightful history lesson into that period. It all started when Crudden attended the 40th birthday party of a member of one of those bands – Female Hercules earlier this year. “I was prompted to start the blog by the unexpected wave of affection and emotion I felt meeting many of those who contributed in many ways to the quite subcultural scene that Dead Elvis was a part of,” Crudden says.

The reaction so far has been positive. “What has been amazing about the response is the way in which quite a gang of people have started to help me gather material and kind of reconstruct various events of the time,” Crudden explains. “I’m firmly convinced that a lot of the stuff I’m searching out and making available from Dead Elvis bands and their contemporaries is great forgotten treasure.”


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