Band of Blogs: Amanda Palmer, Keepaway, Wild Nothing, Mark Ronson

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Amanda Palmer covers Radiohead
The Dresden Dolls singer has a ukelele-based EP of Radiohead covers available with tracks Idioteque, Creep, High & Dry and No Surprises.

This buzzing Brooklyn band with a keen sense for melody and atmospherics have been leaving a trail of MP3s on blogs recently, most commonly the early standout track Yellow Wings.

Wild Nothing
’80s lo-fi guitar pop from Virginian Jack Tatum who released what is a perfect soundtrack to sunshine earlier this year with his album Gemini. Start with the glorious fuzzy pop of Chinatown.

Mark Ronson & the Business Intl.
The super-producer trades his trademark soul sound in for keyboards on the first proper single Bang Bang Bang from his upcoming album which features vocals from Q-Tip and MNDR.

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Sites of the Week: Traces of the Real, Animation Backgrounds, Arbutus Yarns

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Animation Backgrounds
Showcasing the richly-detailed backdrops from animated films, the site will give you a new appreciation for background artists and the work they contribute to a scene.

Traces of the Real
Irish photographer Hugh McCabe takes long exposures of gigs from the balcony in an attempt to answer the question – is it possible to photograph of song?

Arbutus Yarns
Myles O’ Reilly takes stunning and engaging live videos of bands and they all end up here. Watch videos from the likes of Lisa Hannigan, James Yorkston, Patrick Kelleher, Villagers, Lisa O’ Neill and more.

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The Beliebers strike back


In Linkage a few weeks ago, this page sent you humorously on your way to an add-on for the Firefox and Chrome browsers called Shaved Bieber. Don’t worry it’s nothing rude. With Justin Bieber now the biggest teeny pop star in the world it’s becoming practically impossible to use the web without encountering Bieber in a myriad of situations. Whether it’s a video of Bieber whacking his head off a glass door, not understanding what the word German means (“We don’t have that word in America.” ), a video of a young Bieber-obsessed fan who cries uncontrollably because she’s not married to him or his appearance on Saturday Night Live in the U.S., avoiding Biebermania can be difficult.

Enter – Shaved Bieber – a browser plugin designed to remove all mentions of the words “Justin” and “Bieber” from web searches, sites and even pictures. A simple install results in an eraser-like effect. Where the word “Bieber” once was, a solid block of colour now appears. It’s a silly little add-on from the same person, Greg Leuch, who brought us Lowercase Kanye – an add-on designed to let you read Yeezy’s blog in non ALL-CAPS demented form.

As you can imagine, Shaved Bieber wasn’t looked upon kindly by Bieber’s most-obsessive fans, who call themselves “Beliebers”, and Leuch has posted many of the rants and mails he has received as a result at

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