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Take a look at your CD collection. Chances are there are a few expertly-chosen DJ compilations on your shelves. DJ mix CDs used to be ten-a-penny In today’s new music world, there are less opportunities for DJs to physically release mix compilations unless they are asked by a still-going-strong series like Fabric or DJ Kicks. The internet is where it’s at in terms of convincing a promoter to book a DJ and an audience to throw down their hard-earned euros on a live set.

Sites like Soundcloud and Mixcloud make it easy for DJs to share their skills with an audience and the number of mixes has been increasing lately with some brilliant sets available. Take Aeroplane for example, the now one-man DJ from Belgium has been uploading mixes of stellar quality to Soundcloud every month since September last year and each one is eternally listenable. The latest mix Late July features disco, house, current remixes and Yoko Ono.

Diplo has been a major proponent in the online mixtape business for about five years now, ever since he released his MIA mixtape – Piracy Funds Terrorism Vol. 1. One of his most recent and notable mixes was another collaboration. This time, Diplo under his Major Lazer project worked with La Roux on Lazerproof, a dancefloor-flavoured collection based on La Roux originals.

More often than not, it’s easy to let someone else source good mixes on your behalf. Fans of underground electronica, will find Electronic Explorations a valuable resource. Presented by Rob Booth, recent mixes have seen contributions from metal-masher Bong-Ra as well as label spotlights on Ad Noiseam, Multiverse and Planet Mu.

The UK’s Fact Magazine always provide quality guest mixes. Their mix series has over 175 episodes so far. With mixes only available for three weeks before they are archived on Mixcloud. Available mixes at the moment include Glasser’s starry-eyed dance mix, Unabombers summer-friendly mix and The Books eclectic selection. If you’re looking for more of the same, try XL8R’s podcast series, to which Moby recently contributed an “old-school rave” edition.

Hip-hop mixtapes have always been a way of creating industry buzz with recent releases from Wale, Drake, Big Boi amping up the hype for their recent albums. You can find many of these through and

Closer to home, State’s Mix Series ( has seen entries from Shit Robot, Pivot, Mike Scott of The Waterboys, Dj Halfdutch The Vinny Club, Skibunny and more provide 30 minute snack-size and attention span friendly mixes.

Dublin promoters Bodytonic offer a mix section from their site’s registered users which means loads of local talent showing off their stuff and while you are there check out the Podcast section for more exclusive DJ mixes.

See our current top 10 DJ mixes chart.


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    08/20/2010, 03:07 pm is another great site with loads of mixes to download – although it is torrent based and it does have kinda strict rules.

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