The top 10 best music apps


In honour of creativity, music and technology, Digital presents its top 10 indispensable music apps for Apple iOs (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Google Android and as other smart devices.

1. LaDiDa – A fun app which uses a reverse karaoke concept. Sing into your device, choose a style and LaDiDa will match your vocals to a tune. You can then share it on Facebook, Twitter or send it via email. (iOs, €2.39)

2. Soundhound – Find out what song is playing anywhere. A close rival to Shazam, Soundhound’s extra feature is the ability to sing or hum into the microphone and get a match. (iPhone, Android, Ovi), Free / €3.99 for unlimited matches)

3. Bloom – Developed with Brian Eno’s help, Bloom is a musical instrument and a piece of art that enables anyone to create musical patterns and melodies by just touching the screen. See also Air and Trope by the same team. (iOs, €2.99)

4. I Am T-Pain – Perhaps the most hilarious app on the market, this app that allows you to sing along to some T-Pain hits or any tune on your iPhone. The more off-key you sing, the more the app autocorrects your voice, making the result an amazing live autotuned concert. (iOs, €0.79)

5. Tunein Radio – Choose from 40,000 radio stations in the world to listen to. For a compatible app for Android, Blackberry and Windows Phones try WunderRadio. It’s more expensive at €5.49 but does the same job. (iOs, €0.79)

6. Djay for iPad – Gorillaz’ recent iPad-produced album The Fall proves the device is another great outlet for musicmaking but its portability is perfect for DJing too. (iPad, €15.99)

7. Soundcloud – Soundcloud has become the place for new music so their app is essential as it allows you to listen to tracks on the go. It now allows you to record and upload too if inspiration strikes. (iOs & Android, Free)

8. Ocarina – The best example of a phone used as a musical instrument. Blow into the mic, put your fingers over the virtual holes on screen and make beautiful flute melodies. (iOs €0.79)

9. Baby Scratch – The most Nathan Barley-esque app on the iPhone. Wannabe turntablists and DJs, can use their finger to scratch a virtual record loaded with beats. The big feature is the ability to record and scratch your own voice. (iOs, Free)

10. mSpot – If you have a large music collection you’d like to listen to on the go, mSpot can help. Simply upload your music to mSpot’s cloud-based server (2GB free), install the app and it’ll be available to you for streaming on any compatible device. (iOs & Android, Free)


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  1. Oisin Prendiville

    01/08/2011, 01:42 am

    Great apps here. Trope is another great one Produced in collaboration with Brian Eno – I listen to it most days either when working or falling asleep.

    Would also (shamelessly) recommend Irish-developed My Artists, a companion or alternative to the standard iPod app that engages your music library with images, video and text and makes discovering new music easy. Free/€1.59 from

  2. drum kits

    04/06/2011, 07:32 am

    Indulge your enthusiasm for the best tunes and listen to music from over 200 radio stations from across the United States with AOL Radio.

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