The top 10 video virals of 2010

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No matter what happens in real life, the internet keeps on truckin’, gifting us random videos for us all to laugh at. They might be funny but they also are a peek into our humanity and society at large (Ahem). Here are ten of the best LOLs of the year:

  1. RTE broadcasts an icy fall

    – Early in January, with the country in the grip of the aftermath of snow, one intrepid Dublin city explorer was caught falling on camera by RTE News. The sound of his body hitting the pavement became a sound heard around the world with over 1.5 million views.

  2. Die Antwoord

    – The comedic South African rave-rap group went all the way to a major label deal after their videos ‘Zef Side’ and ‘Enter the Ninja’ freaked the bejaysis out of everyone who saw them.

  3. How To Report The News

    – The best piece of news satire this year was Charlie Brooker’s brilliantly executed news report on how to make a news report.

  4. Crystal Swing

    – The cheesy Cork musical family that performed on Rural TV, lit up the world of social and traditional media with the She Drinks Tequila video before appearing on The Ellen Show, all in a matter of months.

  5. Antoine Dodson

    – While we don’t think a guy who appears on the news to talk about the attempted rape of his sister is particularly funny, there’s no doubt the interview became a viral sensation.

  6. Double Rainbow

    – The true story of a big lovable man called Yosemite Bear and his ecstatic reaction to two rainbows. Autotune version preferred.

  7. Old Spice Guy

    – The best example of social media by a brand in years. Not only were the original videos brilliantly executed but actor Isaiah Mustafa and the team behind the ads recorded humorous video answers to Twitter questions in near-real time.

  8. OK Go videos

    – The band known for that treadmill video had an explosion of creative energy in 2010 releasing a slew of highly watched music videos. Highlights include the one with the crazy obstacles (This Too Shall Pass), the one with choreographed dogs (White Knuckles), and the one with the coloured jumpsuits (End Love).

  9. Trololo

    – An old ‘70s clip of a Russian singer miming to his own gibberish-filled track was one of the most endearing things seen all year.

  10. This drummer is at the wrong gig

    – You’ve never seen anyone drum like this Texan dude. Robot moves, dexterity, pure power and showmanship.

A special late mention for ‘Horse Outside’ which has just hit 2 million views and would have been here had this list been compiled this week rather than last.

For bonus points – here’s Derek from Crystal Swing doing the Huckle Buck on the Late Late..


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  1. Matt Byrne

    12/19/2010, 12:36 pm

    I coudln’t imagine anyone forwarding on that video by Die Antwoord, awful, it didn’t viral anywhere near me

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