With the fast paced life that most of us lead today, everybody has to deal with a whole lot of stress for sure. When you include the rising cost of living, you will agree that almost the entire population is at least partly stressed out at certain moments. Research has shown that having a good laugh is a terrific way of battling this stress. This could be done by visiting your local comedy club or even watching comedy videos online.

The health benefits of laughter are no joke. There are both short as well as long-term benefits. Whenever you laugh, it does not only lighten your mental load but also induces many physical changes.

It increases your intake of oxygen, stimulates your muscles, lungs, heart and even increases your endorphin production. It will make you feel less stressed and relax your blood pressure and heart rate. It gives you a relaxed feeling. It can also help stimulate circulation and ease digestion. This will help with physical stress symptoms.Conan_O'Brien_-_SXSW_-_Mar_2011

The long-term benefits will include a much better immune system. Any negative thoughts can have a negative impact on your body by inducing more stress and decreasing your immunity. Similarly, positive thoughts will release neuropathies, which help to fight against stress and have the potential to fight even more serious illnesses as well.

Laughter can even help make difficult situations much easier. Research has shown that nurses who use humor in the emergency room while dealing with patients or even co-workers have much higher job satisfaction. They even experienced greater feelings when it came to personal accomplishment as opposed to the people who do not laugh while at work.

Everything points to one thing, laughter is the best medicine. So, it’s time you started watching Irish comedy videos in order to relieve stress.